Glacier Bible Camp: Rant/Recap

Well, hello there everyone. I live!

*Jazz hands*

Who else here has had an awesome summer? (Please tell me all of you are raising your hands) Now, tell me, who here loves to dance? (Again, please tell me everyone has their hands in the air!)

If you do, go check out these videos >> Best Christian dance music ever!

BTW, I love to dance. (Not that I actually can….)

Okay, to the point. Most of you probably don’t even know what I’m chattering about so insanely. Glacier Bible Camp is one of the most awesome places on the planet. Literally, I wish I could just live there all the time. It’s so much fun.

Now, I will further explain GBC. Basically, I got up at 6:00 AM on Monday, drove six hours north up to Hungry Horse MT, to the camp. We had around 400 campers this year, all kinds of games, a basketball court, sand and tar volleyball, ultimate frisbee, high five, carpet ball, and 9 SQUARE!! (If you don’t know what that is, you need to find out. It’s SO much fun. So, so much fun.)

Everyday, I got up at six to shower(the girls have super nice cabins and the guys….they get the “Tin Shacks”. Well, not actually, but we get hotel-like rooms, and they get little cabins.

Anyways, everyday, we have breakfast, then an optional worship service at like 8:15 AM, then elective classes, chapel, lunch, and REC! Yes….I love rec. So much fun. And after rec, dinner, then ET (entertainment tonight, which includes a talent show). And after that, another chapel, and then free time! We get to stay out till like 11:00 PM every night. It’s awesome, you guys should totally come.

And I made so many new friends. So, so many. Except it’s sad, because the closest one lives four hours away.  And it was really cool, because like three of the kids I met where homeschooled, (like moi) and had over three siblings. One even had twelve, and his mom homeschooled them all. Whew.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures, even though we were allowed to bring phones, I don’t have one. Next year I am hoping to get an iPod though, but we’ll see. It’s not super important, but I love listening to music and taking photos, and an iPod would be perfect for that. If only they weren’t $200 dollars.

Oh well….I’m so ranting. Yes, I’m tired. I’ve gotten around four-to-five hours of sleep every day for a week straight, so…..yup. Don’t worry, I’ll stop soon. I have to sleep sometime. Even with the help of coffee, I couldn’t stay awake very well Friday.

Speaking of food and drinks, Glacier Bible Camp has the best cheesy fries EVER! Like, in the history of fries. So good….

Okay, okay, I’ll be done ranting now. So, expect to here back from me soon, and totally google 9-square if you don’t know what it is, because it it so much fun.

Conclusion: Glacier Bible Camp was epic. Just epic. So expect to be told a lot more about it in the next few weeks.


Goodbye from a sleep-deprived brain…

Shedding Light on an Awesome Character: Vyrn, Firemaster


We’re back to SLoaAC!! Today we’re going to chat about Vyrn, a secondary character in Firemaster, and one of the ‘gang’ (Ky, Aryanna, Ezra, Vyrn, Fingers, and Shadow).

Vyrn is the “motherly figure” to the craziness of the gang. When they’re all pumped about going to Disneyland, she’s the one that reminds them to bring pajamas and toothbrushes. (Disneyland…I wonder where that came from. But I also wonder what would happen if I did take them there…)

Posts in this series:







Fingers(aka, J’nali)

And Ivanna.


Now, without further a due, I give you Vyrn.

NOTE: My words are in Italic. If Ky or Ezra decide to pop in at some random moment, I’ll tag their comments.


Number Uno Question: What’s your name and what do you look like, Vyrn?

You just said my name, so you obviously know it, but I’ll humor you. *sighs* My name is Vyrn(It’s pronounced Vern, by the way), I’m sixteen, like Aryanna, and I have brown hair and brown eyes. Check out these pics Sarah got of me>> They’re pretty sweet.

Author’s Note: While Vyrn may look delicate in her petite 5′ 4″ frame, she’s anything but. Tough as nails, determined, stubborn, and motherly Vyrn is always sure to let everyone know who’s in charger: her. If she’s angry, whatever you do, get out of her way. Never provoke this mini-volcano, and NEVER, EVER, challenge her to a competition of archery. Vyrn has been known to shoot a one-cent piece of a man’s head at fifty paces. Oh, and never try to out-last her in stubbornness. You will lose.

Question Number Dos: Why did you join the rebellion?

I guess I was just tired of being pushed around and treated like I was worthless. So I decided that if the Emperor and everyone else thought I was worthless, I was going to prove them wrong by becoming their worst nightmare. So I did.

Maybe not their worst, but ya, a nightmare you don’t want to meet. Vyrn’s got a reputation to uphold, you see. Knife-slinging, arrow-shooting, ninja-warrior woman to be exact. She’s pretty awesome.

So, Question Number Three(That’s as far as my Spanish goes.): Do you agree with Ky when he said, “If we stand, we might lose, but if we bow, we have already lost?”

Absolutely. Ky and I share many of the same principles about life, I guess. I don’t agree with him that we need to find the Prince’s sword, I think we could do fine on our own, but I do think we need to stand. Submission is just another word for slavery, in my opinion.

Yes, your opinion is quite…..resolute. Unchangeable. I don’t think even Varhan himself could change your mind.

You’re right about that. I suppose only the Prince could.


Question Number Four: How do you feel about Ky being the Firemaster?

Well… tell you the truth, it was a bit of a shock. I mean, he’s afraid of fire. You wouldn’t really expect that kind of person to be the Firemaster.

But he’s my friend, and to me, he’s proven himself. I’ll stand with him to the end, whether Aryanna agrees or not.

Ky: Aw, thanks Vyrn, you’re so sweet….

*rolls eyes* Zip it, Sparky. (Vyrn is famous for her nicknames)

Ky: *grins* Sure thing, Honey.

KY!!!!!! I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT! *shoots an arrow at him and pins him to the wall*

Ky: *still laughing*

Me: *facepalm* Vyrn, what have I told you about shooting people?

*rolls eyes again* *air quotes* Only shoot someone when they’re aggravating you, don’t shoot Ky, unless he turns evil, don’t shoot Aryanna unless she tries to kill Ky for turning evil, don’t shoot Ezra unless…..well….ever. Ezra doesn’t really irritate anyone.

Ky: *snickers* Oh, so I’m evil now?

Both Vyrn and I: SHHHH!!!

Moving on….

Ky: Good idea, Inkfingers.

Grrr! Shush or I will write your death scene and make you read it!



Question Number Five: What do you care most about?

Winning the war. I mean, that’s why I’m a rebel, isn’t it? I want to win, and when I do, I’m going to prove to everyone that Vyrn daughter of Theorm isn’t useless!

Well, that was bold.

It’s how I am, Penmaster. It’s how you made me.

Right, right…sometimes I think you guys write yourselves more than I write you.

And, Question Number Six: What will you do when the war is over?

Well….I..I really don’t know. I guess I’ve been so focused on how we’re going to win, that I haven’t thought much about what I’m going to do when we win.

Ky: Quick, quick, get a picture! Vyrn’s speechless, it might never happen again!

*glares at Ky* Maybe I’ll join the Fireguard. Maybe I’ll settle down for once. Who knows. For now, I’m just going to focus on winning.

We have to win.


Ta da! Vyrn! I love writing her, she’s so stubborn, and funny, and mothering, and loyal….she’s a great character. Anyways,

What did you think of Vyrn? Do you like her? She’s a bit of a spitfire, but I guess that’s what happens when you hang out with a bunch of guys all the time, leading a rebellion. There’s not much time for “girlish stuff” according Vyrn, and she likes it that way. You’ll never see her in a dress.

Tell Me in the Comments What You Think! And be sure to check out my next post in this series,



For now, goodbye.


Ky: Goodbye, Inkfingers…



A-Z Questionnaire–Firemaster

Hello folks! I got inspiration from several writers to do an A-Z questionnaire on my WIP, Firemaster, in the Westrim Trilogy. So, here is the first edition!

Firemaster, Letter A:


A-Z Questionnaire--Firemaster(1)

 Aryanna is the daughter of a blacksmith(Benild) in the city of Tios, only about twenty miles from Wren, which is where most of the city-based action occurs in Firemaster, but Tios is just as, if not more, impressive than Wren. Where Wren is poor, crumbling, and firmly fixed in it’s beliefs of social status, Tios is a bit more free, bright, and better financially supplied.

PicMonkey Collage

She grew up quite well, not rich, but financially blessed, as her father was a highly respected and liked man in the city, and he was

Anyways, back to Aryanna. Aryanna became a scout for Tios’s guard two years before our story takes place, when she had just turned fifteen. (This might seem odd, but in Tios, children’s maturity and “coming of age” is not determined by age, but skill and responsibility. )

She was assigned to a “Wing” of female soldiers. A Wing is twenty griffon-riding soldiers, somewhat like a flying patrol. Aryanna is a good archer and excellent swordsman–er, woman, but her main skill is strategy. Aryanna looks at plans from every point of view, allows no mistakes, and is very intent on following rules. She will, however, break the rules to save a life, but that’s about it.

When our story starts, Aryanna is currently on a mission to capture the invading captain of Nagaria, Shadow, son of Marcom. Shadow is the chosen heir of the Emperor, as he has no son(or so it seems..).

Things you need to know about Aryanna Vidrai, daughter of Benild Vidrai:

  • Never challenge her to a duel of wits–unless you’re Ky, of course. Then you might possibly get away by a few sarcastic comments.
  • Don’t let her near the food…ever.
  • Do let her plan your invasions and sneak-attacks. One of Aryanna’s plans never fails.
  • Don’t compare her to Vyrn, if you want to keep your tongue. If you don’t, well, go ahead.
  • And whatever you do, never, ever, ever hurt her friends or family. Ever.
  • Do bring her chocolate when she’s down. She loves it.
  • Don’t ask her to ride a horse. She won’t, but will instead propose a race between griffon and horse. On-going rivalry….



So, what did you think of Aryanna Vidrai? Like her? Dislike her? Anything I should change?

Tell Me!