Blank Mind Syndrome & An Exert

I’m in a kind of a writing sinkhole right now. Like, I have no inspiration, at all. I still see many plot bunnies, and I can think of all the awesome stories they would make, and I’ll write a blurb. Then, feeling all inspired by Pinterest’s amazing-ness, I sit down to write on my WIP, and……nothing.
Blank Brain Syndrome is making a comeback. Even with the help of coffee and my trusty writer buddy(my cat) and the aid of my dragons, I can’t write. It probably doesn’t help that I’m stuck in this awful place between plotting and actually writing on Firemaster(I decided to erase all my previous writing–which was around three chapters of absolute suckiness.).

So, yes, that would be why I haven’t been posting much, and why my posts–the few that I’ve actually finished and published–have been filled with unusual irony that I try to hold back most of the time. Well, no more!

It’s time to let it go.

Irony is like a baby. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you can’t stand it and just want to turn away and slam the door.

Anyway, I decided to slave over this post for y’all and managed to get it done, just to let you know the details of my writing life right now.

Firemaster, as I mentioned before, is kind of in a hole. A big, bottomless black hole, suctioning everything I hold dear into it forever and ever–

We’ll stop now.

Kirin(my MC) is just…hard for me to write. He’s a total “hero” type, and I’m….I’m not really. If I were in a story, I’d want to be Jax, the awesome sidekick who’s a ranger, fights with dual blades, and has great comments. That may sound really stereotyped, but I guarantee you, Jax is possibly the most complex character I’ve ever written. I gave him a super sob story, if you must know. Plus, he has to keep his real identity hidden, because the two most powerful races(not counting dragons, who everyone thinks are extinct) on the earth would happily kill or exile him right now.

Jax is like….my relief from writing Kirin. Kirin is fun to write and all, but Jax…Jax is awesome. He’s just really fun. I mean, it’s not everyday that you get to write about SPOILER ALERT a seventeen year old ex-assassin with anxiety issues, END OF SPOILER is it?

Plus, he’s got these awesome black dual swords. I mean, not to toot my own horn (toot toot) but who doesn’t love a ninja sidekick dude? I sure do.

I was actually considering changing the MC to Jax, but then I decided not to. You see, Jax is a great character and all, but he’s almost to(how do I say this)….dark. He’s not pessimistic, really, but he just doesn’t have that ‘good’ impulse that will drive him to make the right decisions instead of what would fulfill his wants in the end. He eventually will realize he’s got to sacrifice his wants for other’s needs, but to get past the first two books in this trilogy, I need someone who always wants to make the right choices, who’s mind hasn’t been tainted by the reality of war and pain.

And that’s Kirin. Hard and even sometimes boring to write though he may be, in the end, he’s the guy you want on your side. He’s the guy with the heart so big it’s on the verge of spilling out of his chest onto everyone around him. He’s just a good guy.

He’s the ‘light’ in the story. The plot is rather dark, and Kirin is the thing that glows in it. He’s the person with determination, love, kindness, and like I said before, a big heart. He a flame. A Firemaster. He’s a wielder of a light in the darkness, a messenger of the King. Few have walked paths darker than what he and Jax have seen, and even fewer have withstood the full darkness of the Darkness and lived to tell the tale. Yet he goes on, into the very blackness that started it all–a war, a famine, a plague, and a separation from the King and his everlasting love.

In the end of all things, when there’s a war being fought between good and evil, Light and Dark, Kirin is the guy you want to fight for you, stand for you, and lead you to the Prince.

An exert:

(Note: This is an exert I wrote based off a prompt, but like enough to make it a part of my story. It probably won’t appear in the first book though, but more like the second or most likely the third.)


“Do you think we can hold them?”
Kirin smiled grimly. “Jax, the End is coming. The Prince will come, and when He does, it won’t matter if we can hold them or not.” He turned to survey the army marching its way down from the charred mountains of the south. A foul wind came with it, blowing in the smells of death and battle.
“But what makes you so sure He’ll save us?” Jax asked. “Why should He save traitors and rebels? We’ve never done one good thing. He ought to turn us over to Zauuker and leave us to die. We don’t deserve His help.”
“Don’t you understand?” Kirin said. He turned to Jax, and the half-blood saw a sadness in his eyes, weariness, a revealing of the wieght of the people’s unbelief and Kirin’s own heavy burden of doubt. “It doesn’t matter whether we deserve it or not.” Kirin went on. “The Prince gives life to us because He loves all of us, Jax. He loves you. All you have to do is accept it.”
“But why should He love us?” Jax demanded. “We don’t deserve His love! I don’t deserve His love. Why should He pay our price when all we’ve ever done is hate Him and turn away?”
“Because, He first loved us.” Kirin said simply. He watched as Jax grapple with the truth he considered so simple, so easy. What a wonder, that such a simple thing could be so confusing to those who could not, would not understand.
“But….but why?” Jax muttered. “It doesn’t make sense. Look at me! I’ve done more wrong in barely two decades than most have done in eight. I’ve been hunted and hunted men, I’ve killed and wounded and burned, I’ve betrayed and been betrayed, I’ve been a part of the shadows and walked dark paths. Why would He even think to love me?
Kirin sighed. “He doesn’t care, Jax. All He wants if for you to turn away from your shadows and follow the Light, Jax, follow Him.”

Hope you enjoyed this! Did you find the Frozen reference? How did you like the exert?



Fantasy Without Forests

Do you ever wonder why so many fantasy settings have forests in them? Like seriously, almost EVERY fantasy novel I’ve ever read—which is a lot—and no one ever thinks of anything else. It’s like we’re stuck in some sort of forest world, with trees sprawling everywhere, and the occasional mountain with the secret rebel base on it rising up, and maybe a river or two.

But seriously, people! There are so many other options out there instead of forests. And even if you do use a forest as one of your main settings, why make normal and dreary, with giant black man-eating spiders creeping around making friends with the wolves and goblins.

You could make it a tropical mangrove forest, with giant SNAKES for crying out loud! Or a magical forest that is actually made up of giant flytraps that try and eat you. Or cannibalistic flowers. Whatever rocks your boat, man.

And if you do go for a traditional forest, twist it a little bit. Instead of wolves and goblins roaming around, make it a stronghold against such creatures. Or if you just can’t get rid of those wolves(sheepish grin) make the forest a place for exiles to be thrown, and dangerous convicts.

*evil laughter*

And if you really want to torture your poor dears, make the forest ALIVE. AND COMING AFTER YOU.

I mean, hello, who doesn’t love a bunch of butt-kicking dryads?

And by the way, dryads make great friends when you have to go fight your evil uncle. Very useful, so be nice. They’re also quite short-tempered, and if you don’t play nice, they might try and shove you down a rabbit hole *cough plot bunnie cough cough*
(Shame on you if you didn’t get my geek reference. Go read Prince Caspian, right now, then go watch the movie. Now.)

As for other settings, why not a jungle? Or a salt flat? What about a bog full of mist and dead people? (Well, maybe not that one specifically, but hey…)

giphy (1).gif

Or maybe a karst, haunted by dragons?



Or an archipelago? (Who loves that word? Archipelago. I just love the sound of it, and the way it looks…I don’t know why, but for some reason I just love it.)

Plus, if you do an archipelago(awesome word again) you can have PIRATES! And who doesn’t love pirates? Especially sarcastic, mostly insane pirates with a knack for getting themselves eaten by kraken and turned into zombies?
giphy-downsized (12).gif

And if you can’t come up with anything good, here’s some stuff to get your gears turning:

Horse Show + Youth Rodeo + Fair Wrap-up

Hello everyone! So, I know I promised you a post on how my fair and other August events went like….a long time ago, probably more than a month. Sorry, but my life’s been rather chaotic lately, considering I just got another job(working at the vet clinic), I’ve been doing a lot of school so I don’t fall behind like I did last year(one of the cons at being homeschool: bad time management). Which means I haven’t been riding, blogging, or writing as much.

But, now that I’m sort of “in the groove” again, I’m hoping to catch up on these things as much as I can. Plus, horse training counts as school, so that’s a win-win right there.

Without further ado, the post:


This year was my first year taking anything animal-related to the fair other than horse, and I took a sheep. She was a market ewe I bought for around $350 dollars, which is kind of a lot, but being my first year, I wanted to have the best. Who doesn’t?

Anyway, we raised her and my brother’s weather(that’s a castrated ram, by the way.) from April( I believe) till August. We fed them a variety of feeds, being our first year we were just worried they wouldn’t get up to weight, but they did. My ewe was 145 lbs. at fair, and my brother’s was 120.

I’m on the very right>>

Consequently, I was placed in heavyweight, he in lightweight market. Since I’m 14, going on 15(only 12 more days!), I had to show showmanship in senior, against all the kids my age, which most of them had been doing it for a lot longer than I. Let’s just say I wasn’t the worst, I did get a blue, as did my brother(he was in beginner showmanship).

Me in market. I placed Reserve Champion in this class, which is really, really good for my first year.

Next came market class. My brother went first because it goes from lightest to heaviest, and he placed Grand Champion in market. Next, I went and got Reserve Champion to a good friend of mine.

My brother in market, he placed Grand Champion. It’s his first year too.

On the Saturday after, we had the livestock auction. I cannot remember what my brother’s lamb sold for, (I literally turn off and on my math skills, depending on the day. School day on, weekend off. No switching.) But my lamb sold for $9.00 a pound, and it was 145 pounds…so….that gives me around….700 in profit. Yay!

Me and my lamb…she sneezed right as we took the picture, so she looks kind of wierd….darn sheep.

But, before fair and everything else, we had the horse show, the youth rodeo, and we had to get our lambs ready by slick shearing them and washing them. >>


On the Saturday before fair, was the horse show. I did showmanship, western horsemanship, and bareback. I think I actually did the best with bareback. I never had a whole lot of time this year to practice showing, so Donny and I didn’t do the greatest, but it wasn’t bad. I got a blue in everything but bareback, and I got a purple there.

Next year, I think I’ll either skip out on 4-H horse altogether, or take Athena, because she’s my actually fully trained horse. Mostly. I just don’t enjoy showing as much as rodeo or trail, plus next year I really want to get up in the mountains and ride. My border also offered to take me out riding cows with her, so that’ll be awesome. I really need to learn how to do more stuff with cows. I love the Montana way of life.

The next day, we had the youth rodeo. I took Donny again, because Athena’s toes were to long(she trips up a bunch when her toes are long, and that’s not good for speed events at all.). Plus I really didn’t want to repeat what happened at Rodeo Bible Camp. She had long toes then as well, and having just got her last spring, I didn’t know she tripped up so much. Anyway, she tripped and rolled on my leg. I thought I broke it, but I walked around a bunch after ward and rode fast to loosen the muscles up a bit and that helped a bunch. I still did compete in the rodeo that afternoon, though my leg swelled up twice the size it usually is, and I had the biggest, blackest bruise I’ve ever seen for over a month. Nasty.

At the rodeo we did better than the horse show. Donny still doesn’t neck rein when he’s speed eventing, but he will be a great little barrel horse when he gets it down. Right now I’ve got him in a rolled nose mechanical hackamore, and it’s working really well for teaching the neck rein. I couldn’t go back to the basic snaffle like you usually can on a horse for training, because he always rides in a snaffle. Plus, he loves hackamores. I’m seriously thinking about buying a bosal, but I have to find one that fits just right first. Otherwise it won’t work. (One of those days you wish you could take your horse shopping with you so you always know what size to get.)


How did you like this post? I was ranting a bit,(okay, a lot, but don’t start complaining now. I will set my Night Fury on you. MUHUHAHA!)

Thanks for reading, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments! I will(most likely) reply. *evil laugh*

*sighs* I’ve really got to stop that evil laugh thing. It’s a writer habit. (Y’all no what I mean. Don’t even try to deny it.)

Arrivederci, me compadres.