I’m leaving.





Forever. *evil laughter*


Okay, ya, I’m kidding. Did I get you to scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!?


I’m not actually quitting. Just for a short time. If you want to know why, read on.


It’s good to be back, in the least. Yes, I know I haven’t been posting barely at all. Which sucks, both for you and me, cause you don’t get to read my posts, and I don’t get to chat with y’all very much.

But, that will change from now on, because we’re cutting the internet for the summer. Until August at least. So, I will put up some scheduled posts, hopefully at least a couple each month, and I might even be able to get a good enough connection without our router to talk to y’all a little. But not much.

So, sadly, this is probably going to be the goodbye of my conscious self on this blog for a while.

But don’t worry, I’m not quitting any time soon. I love blogging, and I can see myself doing it through college, maybe even farther….but for a few months, I shall be dormant. This just means that instead of any lifestyle or horse posts, I will have to only to writing posts. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure and catch you all up when the internet comes back on.

So goodbye, all my wonderful blogging friends, and I’ll see you in about eight weeks.

*cue sobbing crowd*


(I’m being rather poetic, aren’t I? Weird.)


Hello there peoples! Today I shall share an exert of my 2017 WIP, Firemaster.

Note: These are from the rough draft, and therefore are not edited or finished, and are able to change at any time. None of this is the final exert.


Of course they had to come that afternoon. Ky clenched his hands in fists tightly behind his back and surveyed the dusty road beneath the rooftop he was crouching on; hood pulled over his head to avoid any sign of recognition.
People swarmed frantically towards their homes and shops, desperate not to be out when the Emperor’s guards searched the city. Each had a fear of his own that they would come for him, but no one really knew why.
Only Ky, out of all the city save maybe some of the oldest graybeard soldiers knew why they were here. If the people would study the records of the war, they would know to.
The guards were here for the Masters. Watermasters, Earthmasters, Airmasters, Shadowmasters, Dragonmasters, even Firemasters.
Ky also knew that he could not be caught, so he scrambled away from the edge and disappeared into the darkening night, leaping from rooftop to rooftop until he reached the south-most part of the city. The South Side, most citizens called it. The large, war-ravaged district was home to all the criminals, bounty hunters, thieves, and peasants in the city.
Ky grit his teeth.


“What do you want?” His eyebrows were drawn down over his face.
Ky let go of her arm and rubbed the back of his neck. “What kind?”
She studied her nails. “Have you heard of gifts?”
Ky flinched at the word, and between clenched teeth, muttered, “No.”
“You’re not a very good liar, you know?” She began to circle him, hand delicately resting on her rapier. “I’ll take it that you have then. Well, a notice just came out that Varhan is looking for what they would call a….Firemaster. Ever heard of him?”
“No.” The word sounded dull and uninterested. Good, Ky thought.
“Sure. Tell you what.” Her voice rose to a higher pitch. “I’ll let you go, and never speak a word of this little…encounter, if you give me some information. Any information. Locations, friends, hideouts….” She broke off, staring at him with her sharp blue eyes. “So, what’s it going to be?”
Ky swallowed as she drew her rapier and started playing with it, swinging it at a crate expertly and slicing a rotten melon in half. Why had he only brought a short sword? He had his daggers, but he didn’t want to kill anyone. Never had, never would.
“Answer.” She hissed, turning to face him, rapier glowing in the orange light.
Ky raised his hands as the blade came to rest directly over his heart. “Okay, I’ll tell. But first…what are you going to do with this Firemaster—“ he choked over the word “—when you find him?”
A dangerous light glinted in her eye. “Not kill him, if that’s what you think. But he will be taken to Varhan, and who knows, after that. You know what they say. ‘Not one goes unscathed from the black gates’.”
Ky’s insides twisted. “Yes.”
“So, where does he hide out?” Aryanna pressed the blade against his chest, and Ky swallowed. He had to think of something. Fast.
“I—uh—I heard of some strange fires on the East Side.” He managed.
“Right.” She said. “I’ve been all over the East Side, kid. I know that he’s not there.”
“Because I’m looking at him.”
Ky’s blood froze. “You think—I’m not—“
“Don’t try and deny it. I’ve been tracking you for weeks, waiting for a shot at you alone. And now—“ she snapped her fingers “—I’ve got you.”
Ky felt the cold sweat running down his back. “Please, I’m not—“
“Don’t even try to deny it.” Aryanna snapped. Three men suddenly came around the corner, holding swords and shackles. “Boys. Get over here.” She said. They ran over, and two grabbed his arms, the other came at him with the shackles.
Ky jerked away, falling to the ground. Aryanna’s blade easily followed him, and the next thing he knew, the shackles were on, he was up, and her blade was pressed against his throat.
Ky glared at her defiantly. “I’m not the Firemaster.”

“Sure. And I’m a big green gryphon.”

What do you think? sa

Shedding Light on an Awesome Character #2: Ezra, Project X

Hello there, folks! Today we’ll continue our mini-series on Project X, a character study on all the main characters of my current WIP. I’ve made a list of all the posts you can expect from this series, studying:








And, last but not least, Ivanna.


So, now that we have all that cleared up, we’ll get to the questions. (Ezra, that’s your cue.)

NOTE: My words are in Italic.


  1. What’s your name and how old are you?

*puts feet on table* I’m Ezra, son of Malcom and Ursa, and I’m sixteen, if you can believe that.

You are so easy-going I don’t know what to do with you. And get your feet off my table! You’re scratching the wood.

Calm down, it’s not like I’m wearing boots. *sits up with a long-suffering groan*

2. Did you have a happy childhood? Why or why not?

Oh, sure. It wasn’t that bad. My parents died in the plague fifteen years ago, and I didn’t ever know ’em cause I was just a kid. I mean, I follow the rules and laws and all, so I’ve never gotten into much trouble. The only one’s I break are when I steal bread, but the guards don’t really care about that. They’re so lazy, I’d be amazed if they chased me for stealing something right under their noses.

3. What do you care about?

Eating. Sleeping. Following Varhan’s rules, whether I like it or not. Being warm. Etc.

Goodie too-shoos.

Ya, ya, so I follow the rules. Why shouldn’t I? I don’t care who rules the West. It doesn’t matter to me whether Varhan or the Governor enforces rules. I’d still be in the same place, either way. All I care is that food gets to my mouth occasionally, okay?

That’s going to change.

Uh-huh. In your dreams. No matter what happens, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m an orphan. I’ve got no home, no family, no where to go. You think the Governor will change that? No. You think Varhan’ll change that? No. They don’t care about us. All they care about is power, and money. They could care less if I starve in the streets. And you can’t do a thing about that.

Actually……ya, I can. But it doesn’t happen easily. It takes a while to write. But sure, go on believing that. It’ll make the story all the more interesting.

4. What is something you avoid doing at all costs? Why?

Breaking a rule. I only steal bread when I have to, because otherwise, I’ll starve. The other times, I work and earn everything I eat. After all, why shouldn’t I follow the rules? Sure, you hear of all those “heroic” people who stand up to Varhan and the guards. You know what happens to them? Guards come, and they ‘disappear’, never to be seen again. I have no wish to follow them.

I think you need a little adventure. Perhaps traipsing all over the west would help? Oh, we could even do it on a griffon! With Varhan’s elite soldier’s chasing us?

5.What scares you?

The fact that nothing is ever going to change, no matter what we do. Varhan is simply to strong, and even if we did manage to overthrow him, who would rule the West? The crown prince disappeared almost twenty years ago.

To true, to true. (I really made you good at speeches, didn’t I? Passion is a wonderful thing. Now if only you would use it!)

6. What do you look like?(Please describe)

*awkward moment* Uh…..I’ve got red hair?


*smacks forehead* Look at these pictures. The Penmaster hired one of her realm-leaping friends again, snapping photos of me.

They work…but they’re not all cool as this GIF of Ky that I found…..take a look.


This is so cool….but Ky is always cool. I mean, he can like, bend fire or whatever, and then he’s all mysterious, and stubborn, and he won’t talk….

Ky: I talk just fine!

Sure, sure you do. You’re such a….a…introverted extrovert!

*Ky and Ezra stare at me* What????

Never mind.

7. Why are you helping the rebel cause?

Well…I didn’t sign up for this mess, if you know what I mean. I’ve got a problem with eavesdropping, (or at least people say I do) and I just happened to eavesdrop on a very important conversation of Ky and Felindor’s. So they literally kidnapped me(no kidding, he hit me over the head with one of his cool dual sword things) and forced me to join his crew. After a while, I just decided I couldn’t leave, cause if I did, these two over here *gestures to Aryanna and Ky* would get into an argument and kill each other. Then we wouldn’t have a rebel cause any more.

*Aryanna and Ky glare at him.* We do not argue!

Ya, and I don’t have red hair.

I ❤ sarcasm…..even though Ezra is the sort of comic relief, he’s not very good at sarcasm, except on certain occasions, like the above.

Ky: I don’t argue! She does!

Aryanna: I do not argue! It’s all you!

Ezra: Guys, can we sort this out–

Ky and Aryanna together: No!

*back to arguing*

We should probably leave them alone for a while.


So, what do you think of Ezra? He’s kind of my funny, passionate, kind guy who always tries to do the right thing, and by doing so, clashes with Ky and even Aryanna a lot. But, he’s got a good heart in him, and that’ll help them a bit.