Firemaster is the current name of my WIP, a fantasy novel. Here’s the stats for y’all:

Name: Firemaster

Word count: 5,000 +

Goal count: 150,000

Genre: Christian Fiction, Allegorical Christian Fantasy, Fantasy


    “Of fear and fire and foes, of sword and fate,

                                In Shadowfen deep search for what is great.”

War has ravaged the Rim Earth, the fires of destruction devouring everything in their path. The Northrim has fallen, the Eastrim allied, and the Westrim is almost conquered, save for a few of the last strongholds of the once mighty people. The Emperor’s control is tightening, and the few rebels remaining after the devastating plague swept the Rim are being forced back into the mountains.

The once mighty dragon-riders and rangers have vanished, into myth and legend, merely shadows of another time. Dragons of old are no more, the only dragon the peoples of the Rim Earth now know is the Emperor’s dark steed.

And now the Emperor learns the location of his long-lost heir, and the boy’s rare gift–a Firemaster. Hounded by the wolves of the north and the black armies of the south, Kirin finds himself no longer running as a messenger, but running for his life.

Forced to take on a mighty and desperate quest as the last hope to save Rim Earth from the Emperor’s descruction, he rides for the cursed wood where hence came the Emperor.

Now, he must fulfill an ancient promise, right his own terrible wrongs, and find the Prince’s sword–said to be deep in the heart of the strange and dark wood of Shadowfen.

Can he fulfill the promise–

The promise of Nobelon?

A quote from Firemaster, image via Pinterest.