The Another Cool Tag Thing….Tag

And I return, my brave dragons! Today, I am going to be praising the very…er….creative….name for this tag. Congratulations, Kate. It’s very poetic of you.

Loki agrees. Sort of.

Anyways, I shall now attempt to answer these questions that were so gloriously handed to me by the most epic Sarah Baran of the Sarcastic Elf.

1. Do you secretly plot world domination?

Hehehehe…. I’m an INTJ. Why do you even bother to ask?



2. What book could read over and over again and never get bored?

Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lotr, The Chronicles of Prydain, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

There are no other options. Deal with it.

3. Which fictional character do you think would be the most boring to meet in real life?

Susan, TCoN. I find her pretty flat and boring, and she’s not in any of my favorite books. Plus, what Disney did with Prince Caspian…. *gags* *chills* The horror…. (And seriously, she pretty much ruined his life in the movie. Now he’ll be forever in love with her, and she’ll outlive him by possibly thousands of years.)

And if we’re going for most irritating–


*horrified screams*

Okay, let me clarify. *hides from Lotr fan mob* Movie Frodo. Book Frodo is awesome. Movie Frodo… I understand you’re trying to be all noble and sad and such, but really… I would rather watch Aragorn than listen to you being depressed.

4. If you lived in a fantasy world, what would you want your name to be?


5. Would you rather have a spaceship or a dragon?

Uh, why is this even a question? I mean, have you seen HTTYD? After that, there is no doubt left in my mind.

Besides, I *may* or may not have a fear of big black empty spaces filling with giant balls of fire and brimstone where you can die just by going outside.

Also, how can you not love this? *fangirling*


6. If you could burn one book, which would you choose?

What! Burning books! *unsheathes claws* How dare you! I would never burn a book. (Okay, I would never burn a book other than the Pilgrim’s Progress. I tried to read that once, and didn’t make it through the first page. It was like Brain Death.)


7. Would you rather be an Elf, a Dwarf, a Hobbit, or an Orc?

Elf. I don’t like being short, or hairy, or…. black and slimy and foul-smelling. Not to mention the teeth. I mean seriously, do you orcs ever brush your teeth? Your breath alone is enough to knock out a normal person.

*awkward silence*

*shrugs it off, because hey, I’m an INTJ*

Also, I get to do things like this:


*favorite scene in whole movie* *will watch RotK just for this scene*

8. What was the last book you cried over?

Me? Cry? Never.


9. Which three fictional characters do you most identify with?

  1. Loki
  2. Hiccup
  3. Edmund

Is it bad they’re all really sarcastic guys? But seriously, one can teleport(plus, he’s…Loki. You can’t think of Marvel without Loki. People who watch Marvel fall into two categories: those who love Loki and mentally insane people.), one rides a dragon, and one is…. Edmund. The king of sass with a British accent.

10. Would you rather have a lightsaber or a sword?

Oh man, big life decision here. One, I can be a Jedi(which is awesome), and one I can be a ninja/ranger.


I really might have to think about this…

Fine, a sword. Katana, to be exact. Jedi are awesome, but… Ninjas are sweet. Plus, I get to dress in black and hide in shadows and creep random people out.

11. How long do you think you’d survive in a fictional world?

Hahahaha… I’m not going to answer that. It’s humiliating.

What do you think? Want to do it? Well, here’s your questions.

  1. What fictional character would you like to bring into this world?

  2. What fictional character are you like the most? What villain are you like the most?

  3. How long would you last in a fictional world, dear? I’m worried about you.

  4. What book/series do you wish you’d been born into?

  5. Dragon or spaceship? Elf or Hobbit?

  6. How many of your favorite characters have been killed?

  7. Do you secretly plot world domination?

  8. What fictional character do you think would be most interesting to meet IRL? Which would be the most boring?

  9. Are you a writer? If so, do your characters prefer dark, medium, or white chocolate? Bonus points if your villain is villainous enough to love unsweetened cocoa.

  10. What’s the saddest book you’ve ever read? Did it make you weep in misery when all your favorite people died?

  11. What character would you gladly… er… kill? Why?

  12. Bonus Question: Jedi or Ninja?

And there you have it. My questions. And as I’m feeling particularly lazy today(I have a head cold and my little sisters have the stomach flu, which means I’ll get it next) I’m not going to force anyone to do this. Except for Britt. If  you read this, you must do this. You know who I’m talking about.

(Here that, Britt? I’m giving you an excuse to blog. I’m nice. Now we can both get behind schedule on tags. I think I still have one from September….)

Anyway, nice seeing you all. If I’m absent for the next couple weeks it’s probably cause I’m in the hospital coughing my lungs out. But that’s nothing for you to worry about.

(I’ll live. I’ve had–er, done worse to my characters. That counts for experience, right?)

Btw, funny thing. I took an IQ test because I was bored, and it said I had 120 IQ, which is above average. Then I took another to get an average score, and it said I had 150. Apparently I’m a genius. (Ya, I wish.)

So other than strange IQ scores which I’m to bored with to bother getting more averages on, I’m also apparently 42 in mental age and extremely left-brained. Weird, considering I’m an artist. Perhaps I just have many talents? (For those of you who don’t bother to dabble in psychology and the finer workings of the human brain, left-brained means I’m more like Einstein than Da Vinci. Intelligent, but not extremely artistic.)

On a side note, I can now tell all my friends I’m a genius. I’m sure I’ll get a kick out of their reactions for a while. xD

What do you think? Are you going to do the tag? (You better, or else…) Do you like psychology?



Art Dump #1: Sketchbooks, Fan Art For My Own Novel, Random Things

Hello. Sarah here. Today, since I was bored, I decided to take a bunch of horrible pictures to show you all my art.*evil laughter* I shall make you suffer through many photos of my art attempts(and successes!).

First off, I want to show you some Firemaster fan art that I drew, including(finally!) a map of the world of Firemaster.

*distant cheering*

First off, a few Jax drawings! Because he’s my favourite character, so I drew him a bunch. (Sorry, Kirin!)
Jax’s eyes…..I think the one at the top it when Kirin decided that jumping off a waterfall was a good idea. *sighs* Sometimes my other selves are idiots.
An unfinished ink drawing…but it really captures his personality I think. He’s standing of the battlements of a castle, staring out at the world alone. (Lovely description.)
Another unfinished drawing, but I posted it because of his sword, which is important and you need to see. This is going to be a picture of Jax running alongside Kirin, Vyrn, and Shadow, with a dragon beside them, but it’s(obviously) not done.
A sketch of Vyrn. It’s not perfect….but pretty spot on. I like it.
A selfie of the gang–again, not finished, but it gives you a glimpse of my three main guys. Shadow on the far left, then Kirin in the middle, and Jax on the far right. Vyrn is the unfinished person with the irritated look that Jax is giving bunny ears to. 🙂

And here are a few random drawings I did of the Firemaster universe….


The old map Rim Earth, with rim divisions in light gray.
The new map of Rim Earth, with divisions.



And now, some actual drawings. Not that those weren’t, but… they weren’t what I’d consider real art. So here’s some more for your enjoyment.

Lovely watercolor dragon I did in my new Moleskin sketchbook…with a bit of silver Sharpie on the eyes.
The desolation of Smaug–with a kanata! (That’s a Japanese sword, just in case you didn’t know.) This is also in watercolor, with some ink for his scales and the details on the man. I’m thinking of adding more detail to the ground below Smaug as well….but that’s for later. On to the next one!
It’s Bay-max!
My youth-group’s logo–with a bit of graffiti style added by myself. (Kinda blurry photo, sorry guys!)
My first try at a mandala…
I honestly have not idea what this is….it was supposed to be some sort of cool zentangle-moon-wave-mandala-thingy(points to me for my amazing captioning skills)….but this is what I got. 



Eyeballs galore…. I particularly like the dragon eye near the top right. It turned out rather well.







Baby eyes! 
Eyeballs galore…. I particularly like the dragon eye near the top right. It turned out rather well.


Another novel character! This one is from a WIP I’m currently plotting out called The Book of Fey.  I’ll tell you about it some other time. But, anyways, I was trying to learn to draw profiles(in anime) and I think he turned out rather well, don’t you?


A…..winged cat? I was bored. Strange things come out of my brain when I’m bored.
More eyes…this time with song lyrics. Can you tell what my favourite thing to draw is yet? (Hint: it’s related to glasses and binoculars.)
More song lyrics…..this one is Run Wild by For KING & COUNTRY. Epic band. 
Sky Islands! Who else loves books with these floating landmasses in them? *waves hand wildly* (Ignore my finger. This was one page in my Moleskin that wouldn’t stay open on it’s own.)
Again, a page that wouldn’t stay open. This is a random lady I drew and decided to turn into a wood elf. Or is it a dryad….

And now, just for you, here’s a picture of my adorable cat with a priceless annoyed look on her face. Her name is Molly.(I didn’t name her. If I did, she would probably be called Eowyn or Galadriel or Hasufel or something Lord of the Ringsy like that.)


So, we’re done, finally! That was a lot of photos. What did you think of my sketches? Excited as I am to see the “official” character sketches of Firemaster when I get them done? How cute do you think my cat is? Tell me in the comments!