Remember Me–A Poem

Am I just a vision?

Just a toy for some celestial being?

Only one voice in the unison of the masses?

Only one rebel in the thousands of hopeless?


Am I just a solitary mind?

A person prohibited by time,

lost in the crushing wave of society,

trapped inside man’s own comforts?


Do I know my world?

Am I nothing to this celestial ball

but a lost memory,

a fading object,

a word once spoken but soon forgotten?


Will I be remembered?

Loved? Cherished? Hoped? Wanted?

Will the masses know my name?


Or will I perish suddenly,

vanishing as unwanted and unappreciated as a solitary speck of dust,

into a timeless void where none know my name,

none remember me,

none hope along with me,

none wonder at God’s great majesty with me?





Book Title Poll–Please Respond!

Okay, so most of you know about my current main WIP, which has gone by many names, including Project X, o17-WIP, and Firemaster. But today, I am choosing it’s(hopefully) final title. Here are a few choices, and if you think of any others, don’t be afraid to type them in!

Also, it would be a big help if you could tell me if you think any are to dark or un-Christian like. This book is meant to highlight the fight between Light and Dark, Good and Evil, but not to emphasize or go overboard on it, so any feedback would be awesome.

Alright, I’ll let you get to the poll, thanks a bunch, you guys are amazing!