My Plan to Survive Doomsday(Er, Nanowrimo)

giphy-downsized (13)
My Nano routine.

Hello there, everyone! Nano is almost upon us, and while I was shopping for supplies(notebooks, chocolate, anything sweet, lots of tea, and more notebooks) I decided I ought to give you guys a heads up on surviving November without any causalities. At least not from your end. Your characters…..are not so lucky. So, here we go.

What you need to survive doomsday:

  • Stuffed animals(for comfort)
  • An electric blanket, plus chili and your favorite show.
  • A pistol(for fighting off plagiarizers)
  • Chocolate(for preventing and curing Writeris Blockias–a deadly syndrome in which a writer loses all motivation or inspiration and is stuck in an endless black pit of plot holes–also known as Blank Mind Syndrome)
  • Prized novels–for creating inspiration and reading when you are fighting off Writeris Blockias. Also good for shoving under pillows to create hard lumps to keep one’s self from falling asleep, to prolong writing time.
  • Apples, waffles, and pumpkin spices lattes. These basic food groups help keep one motivated and properly sugar-fed during the terrors of doomsday….eh….Nano.
  • Awesome music. If anything will keep you motivated while fighting(or writing), it’s some epic theme songs. I like anything Petteri Sainio, The Giver soundtrack, the soundtracks from both Guardians of the Galaxy, any piano piece I can come across, Little do You Know, AMVs for manga and anime….etc, etc.
  • A dagger. It’s cool to look at, plus what sane person wouldn’t want to boast about having one hanging on their wall or hidden under their pillow….he…he he….Also, you can act out your fight scenes in your bedroom. (Doing so outside results in weird looks and maybe even a 911 from your neighbors, because the ‘creepy writer is playing with a knife in the backyard and yelling about swords and dragons’)
  • Pinterest. This is an essential item for anyone needing anything. Many things can be found on this amazing sight, from writing inspiration to aesthetics, to writing articles and links to awesome quizzes.
  • Netflix. A writer must have some help from the greats at times, like Sherlock. It’s elementary, my dear Watson. Elementary knowledge.
  • And last, but not least, several fuzzy kitties to keep you company in the loneliness. (Or just to stare at, since they’re so adorable.)

Did you enjoy this post? What are your Nanwrimo supplies?



On Firemaster–My Main Characters

Hey everyone! So, I finally got out of that big, black writing hole I was in a few days ago, and kicked Blank Mind Syndrome’s butt! And, to treat myself and you guys, I’m going to share some images of my main characters off of Pinterest.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t followed me there yet, just head over here>>. Plus, I’ve got a bunch of boards up for some WIPs that I haven’t revealed to y’all yet!

Here’s the pics:

(Note: These are not my images, and I am not claiming to own them in any way. All rights go to their original owners.)


Kirin: Tall, brown hair, medium skin, gold eyes.

Vyrn: short, skinny, brown hair, eyes, and skin. Lots of freckles.

Shadow(aka Haydn): Tall, slender, black hair, gray eyes, light skin.

Jax: tall, blue eyes, very, very dark brown hair, light skin.


How did you like this post? What do you think of my characters? Do you have any questions about them?