About Me

Hey there. I’m Sarah.

IMG_0637 - Copy


 I’m the heart and soul of this blog.

I’m the writer, the reader, the artist, the chocolate lover, the coffee enthusiast, and the INTJ.

Welcome to my life.

  • I’m a lover of chocolate, coffee, old books, the smell of brand spankin’ new books, ink bottles, ballpoint pens, and absolutely everything horses.
  • I want to someday see my books on shelves across the nation, if not the world….
  • I despise tomatoes from the bottom of my soul.
  • If you upset me, I may or may not set my dragons on you. 🙂
  • For KING and COUNTRY rocks!
  • If you give me anything Lord of the Rings or Narnia oriented, I will always be in debt to you.
  • I speak in movie quotes, sarcasm, and song lyrics.
  • Horses are my life. Don’t try and get me on a dirt bike. I am…slightly accident prone.
  • I’m the oldest of six kids, and we’re all homeschooled. I’m fifteen and a sophomore.

Well, that pretty much sums me up(not really). Here’s another tidbit.

Short bio:

Sarah Anson goes by many names, including writer, artist, horse lover, photographer, and animal lover. She lives in the Rockies of Montana, surrounded by the beautiful country she loves and uses to inspire her fantasy. She is a strong Christian, and believes that God sent his son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins.
She lives with a wonderful family, sharing the home with five siblings, a dog, two cats, three ducks, four chickens, and two horses. Some of her hobbies other that the above mentioned include floating the river, rodeo, youth group, practical jokes, 4-H horse and lamb, and hanging out with all her wonderful friends.

Find her at:

My Pen and I


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yay, a kindred spirit! I am a Christian, homeschooled, 15-year-old horse and LotR lover. Its good to meet you! (I’m not an INTJ, but I seem to meet INTJs everywhere I go. I’m an INFP.)

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  2. Wow! Those shots are so beautiful and the mountains in the background… Just glorious! 😉 I also love Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings (though I haven’t seen the movies yet… I’m trying to not watch them until I finish readjng the books, but I love the movies in advance! :P) Anyway, I’m the other Sarah! XD I’m glad you found my blog because I really like yours! 🙂

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