I Return Once More!

Hello, my minions.

Guess what? I have returned. *distant cheering*

After yet another hiatus, I am back. And let’s be honest—most of that hiatus consisted of me working as a lifeguard, working at the vet clinic, and feeding horses for my boarder while she’s up at cow camp.

Not to mention listening to Avicii(RIP, man), Imagine Dragons, One Republic, and Twenty One Pilots. Or chatting online at ST and Discord. Or playing video games.

Let’s just say I had a good break. After all, it’s not every day you get to skip school(who am I kidding, I’m not even in school yet), ride a new horse, play video games, and listen to the best of modern music at the same time.

And I’ll be honest, I enjoyed not having to worry about writing up new posts every week. But I also missed you guys. (Yeah, this post is going to be a bit of a rant. Hang in there.) After all, not everybody has their own personal fan squad. You guys are epic, and I’ve missed talking with you all and posting and watching everyone’s reactions to my somewhat… cynical… nature at times.

So, what’s going to happen now that I’m back? Well, several things. Now that I’m back in school *almost* I’ll have more access to internet, and therefore will be able to post hopefully once a week. No promises. I have a busy life. But I will try.

Secondly, I’m going to try and finish my serial story/novella(This Curse To Bear) and send it all the way through alpha readers(who are awesome!), so I can start posting it on here. There were some slight complications earlier in the year, and hence I had to stop writing that as well and wait till the 20th of August to pick back up on it and try and get it done. Soon, I’m going to upload a bunch of chapters onto Google Docs, send it through my alphas, and hopefully get it up on the blog around late September-October. I can’t promise. Writing is hard, as I’m sure all of you know. But I’ll do my best.

Third, I still have to redo my “About” page and add some resources for writers. Due again to not having internet, I haven’t been able to update the blog. I have everything written up, I just need to get some internet and post it. That should be happening later in the week.

After that, I’m planning on updating my WIP pages, adding some links and a blog button, and such. That should also happen soon. Speaking of design, how’s everyone like the new header and name? If you haven’t seen it, please visit the site and tell me what you think in the comments. I rather like it.

What you can expect as for posts:

  • A post on characters, revealing some new aesthetics, some cool lyrics, and info on the lovely characters of Firemaster.
  • A wrap-up post on the county fair and June/July/August doings.
  • And maybe a post on snippets of Firemaster… (Admit it—you’re excited.)

That’s all I have planned so far, but I expect to get back into the swing of blogging soon enough, get myself a calendar(finally!) and do some other fun stuff. (Maybe even a giveaway…)

So, until then, my minions. *looks noble* *chokes* *dies*

Au revoir.

~Sarah Inkdragon

Writer. INTJ. Dreamer. Dragon.

10 thoughts on “I Return Once More!

  1. It’s great that you’re back! I haven’t been following your blog for long so I don’t know much about your WIP, so I’m pretty excited for the snippets and stuff! I’m currently amidst a bunch of people who are writing their own manga, which I am assigned to fervently edit and Photoshop, so… I get what kind of planning a good story takes. -_- Good luck with Firemaster!
    P.S: That header is genius.

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  2. Muahahahaha, a SERIAL STORY, you say?? *impatiently bites nails* Oh boy.

    *ahem* Anyway. YAAY, I’m glad you’re back! Man, looks like you have a nice lineup of future content. Zis is exciting. Also, this….

    “After all, it’s not every day you get to skip school (who am I kidding, I’m not even in school yet)”

    …is the most relatable thing ever. Homeschooling is the best.

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    • Hello, my intrepid INTJ friend! Yes, it’s good to be back. *looks noble* Serial story, yes. More of a novella-thingy that appeared and demanded to be written while I was stuck on a back spot in Firemaster.
      As for my lineup… just wait till my junior year comes crashing down on me and I die of coffee overdose or something totally random, like smallpox. Or the bubonic plague.
      Speaking of school… yes, that’s my life. At least I’m quitting Ancient Greek and re-taking Latin, since I’ve already done it for three years. That should be an easy A to rub in the public schooler’s faces that take… ugh… Spanish. The easiest language ever.
      But yeah, homeschooling is awesome. Funny story–I almost went to public school this year. I didn’t want to though, but my mom is getting a job so she can save up and go visit her family in Germany. So the only thing that saved me from having to *shudder* socialize *faints* for 8 hours a day was that I had to babysit the baby since she’s to young for school. But I’m now taking all my classes online with the school, so no more lovely days of skipping school or counting horse riding as PE and science. *gloomy sigh* Next year, this is not happening. *glare* I like my nonexistent schedule.
      *looks back*
      That was a long reply. *shrugs* Oh well.


      • …please don’t get the bubonic plague.
        But WAIT, you know LATIN??? *clutches the hem of your garment* Accept me as your pupil, oh Wise One.

        Oh gosh. That’s terrifying. I can’t even imagine what public schooling must be like after the blissful freedom of homeschooling… I imagine the baby just became your favorite sibling. 😂
        Did you ever go to public school before? Because if you had, I suppose the idea wouldn’t be quiiite as intimidating as this poor sheltered creature imagines it to be.

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        • Haha, yeah, I’ve taken at least three years of Latin and two of Ancient Greek. 😉
          No, I’ve never done public school before. This is my first time, and it’s rather terrifying.


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