10 Reasons Why You Could Be a Fantasy Character

1/ You think about your girl/boy-friend in the middle of a battle.

2/ Having a curious ability to always say the right thing, never stutter(or stutter to much), and always hide your emotions until the last possible second…

3/ Being a complete drama queen. I mean, seriously. Do you have to fall to your knees and scream every time something goes wrong? Couldn’t you just, I don’t know, take a walk?

4/ Sensing everything like four paragraphs before. Really? What are you, a human lie detector? Have some subtly.

5/ Hiding your sob-story from everyone, then finally breaking loose and either A.) scream at everyone, or B.) break out in tears and start blubbering like a big baby–remember, you’re tough and you’ve had a hard life, so that gives you the right to cry about everything.

6/ The strange ability to find the most mysterious, dark, and strangely crafted weapons and armor, usually complete with red dragons or eagle decorating it. Totally practical and inconspicuous.

7/ Always choosing a fine black stallion to ride, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Of course, you’re not rich, you just happened upon a good bargain or rescued the poor creature, so now he’s bonded with you and is incredibly loyal, even risking his own life for you….

8/ Your girlfriend can shoot arrows and ride if you’re a city boy, and she’s cultured and respectable if you’re a perfect rogue.

9/ You pick up skills very fast, often learning to sword fight and throw daggers and ride horses and dragons while being hunted by the bad guy, usually with the help of some ancient old man.

10/ You’re always “chosen” by some century old prophesy. You don’t want to go, at first, but then you get help from your mentor, and defeat the big bad guy who’s been plotting his moves for years and years, not to mention you’r an amateur and he’s a mastermind, yet he has a strange habit of hiring incredibly stupid guards.


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