Remember Me–A Poem

Am I just a vision?

Just a toy for some celestial being?

Only one voice in the unison of the masses?

Only one rebel in the thousands of hopeless?


Am I just a solitary mind?

A person prohibited by time,

lost in the crushing wave of society,

trapped inside man’s own comforts?


Do I know my world?

Am I nothing to this celestial ball

but a lost memory,

a fading object,

a word once spoken but soon forgotten?


Will I be remembered?

Loved? Cherished? Hoped? Wanted?

Will the masses know my name?


Or will I perish suddenly,

vanishing as unwanted and unappreciated as a solitary speck of dust,

into a timeless void where none know my name,

none remember me,

none hope along with me,

none wonder at God’s great majesty with me?






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