Me, Myself, and Hilarious Things

Hello there, my dears! Please engage in geek mode for a while to fully soak up all the geek knowledge in this post.(Whaa?) Ya, I’m a bit sidetracked today. I’m starting my summer job tomorrow, so I’m super excited for that. I get to do the yard work for an Assisted Living Home near us…. I’m really glad they have a riding lawnmower, cause there’s like three acres worth of grass in that thing…. a lot. But it’s not to bad, and driving the lawnmower is actually kind of fun. I love driving things. Now I just need my license, so I can drive the truck to.
But, other than that, nothing much has been going on. My youth group had this awesome bonfire/barbecue on Wednesday, and man, I wish I’d gotten some pictures, cause it was awesome. As previously said. I really wish I had pictures. What we basically did was go down to the river on our friend’s ranch (you can find her awesome blog here.) and drank soda, ate burgers, and drank root-beer floats all evening. After a while we went to the riverbank and had a stone-skipping contest to see who could skip a rock over this little island. Then we had music, and a fire, and marshmallows…in short, it was awesome. All we needed was some inner tubes, and then we could’ve floated the river. I wanted to get wet SO bad, but I’m glad I didn’t, cause the couple kids who did were cold and almost burning their socks off their feet in an attempt to get warm by the end of the night.

Other than that wonderfulness, I haven’t been doing much. I went to my brother’s baseball game last night, played around in the creek, got blisters on both my thumbs, and got scratched up by stinging nettles. That was fun.

But now, let’s get into a little bit of funny stuff. I found these hilarious memes and quotes on Pinterest, and I couldn’t resist sharing some of them. You can see my Pinterest boards here.


Did anyone enjoy these? I love httyd and writing memes, plus sarcasm. By the way, did you know:


LOL. Over and out,




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