My Writing Life: April Edition//April Recap

Hello there everyone! I have returned from my weird hiatus of posting, in which I posted randomly and not very well for around a month. Ya….sorry about that. But on the bright side, at least I came back! Huh? Ya, I’ll just skip to the point. First off: #MyWritingLife the April edition.

Firemaster(formerly Project X):

  • First draft is 1/4 completed, still deepening characters, structure, and theme.
  • I have created a Pinterest board for my baby! See it here.
  • I posted a character study on Ky(the main protagonist of Project X) here.
  • I have successfully mapped all of Westrim Earth, image coming soon.
  • And, I made a mock-cover! >>


Goals for Firemaster in May:

  • Reach the halfway point in the first draft.
  • Research archery, sword-fighting, medieval clothing, and horseback travel.
  • How fast can an eagle fly? How big of a wingspan does an eagle/falcon/owl have?(Hint: I’m trying to find out how fast a griffon/dragon could fly.)
  • Design a griffon/dragon reference sheet.
  • Design Lathirim standard/armor/clothing style, make Pinterest board.


The Adventures of Alex Knight: The Secret of the Dragon’s Eye

  • I made a mock cover! >>


  • I’ve officially reached 10,000 words on TAOAK!!! So happy…I’ve kind of been neglecting poor Alex and Julie.
  • I’m planning on TAOAK book 1 being finished in around five-seven months.


  • Finish in 5-7 months

Sword and Song:

This month I:

  • Plotted the entire novel.
  • Reached 5,500 words! Yay!
  • And I designed a mock cover!>>



  • Finish and e-publish by 2019, possibly write a second book.

Leaves of Gold:

Leaves of Gold is a new WIP I just started, and here is the summary:

Anne Foster has spent her whole sixteen years in Michigan, U.S.A. But then her parents die in a freak car accident, Anne is so heartbroken she will barely eat, sleep, or do anything other than stare at a picture of her family. So the social workers have but one choice: ship her to rural Montana, near the Pryor Mountains, to a ranch that is struggling to maintain income. But will a change of scenery be all she needs, or can a wounded horse and silent boy be what she needs to come to terms with the accident, herself, and her faith?

This month I:

  • Plotted it.
  • Wrote the first chapter.
  • Designed a mock cover! I really like how this one turned out.>>



  • Make it through halfway(this book comes so easily to me).



Well, there you have it. Now, the monthly recap.

This month was kind of chaotic. I didn’t get nearly as much writing done as I wanted, but I did get a bunch of research, plotting, and Pinterest-Board-Building done, so I’m pretty happy. I also did a character study on the MC of my current WIP, Firemaster.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you like the slideshow? It took a while to put together, but it was worth it I think. Oh, and a few more things. Here is the ‘theme song’ of Firemaster:

I love that song….no lyrics, but it’s SO good..I listen to it all the time while I’m writing. Unfortunately it’s short. 😉

As for things other than writing, I shoe’d my horses, and took my mom on a ride. (It was literally like the last day of the month.) It was pretty fun, except Donny was being a brat most of the way…ugh! Ponies…..

I also did some sketching, and I’m going to post about that soon, so hang in there.

So, ya, that basically sums up my month of April. It was pretty boring, but I was loaded with school, and I just got a summer job today, and then I was going nuts about not really posting for a while… ya…but May’s going to be better. I get out of school at the end of the month, so I’ll be able to work, and write, and ride, and blog more after that.


Are you tired of all the randomness yet? Did you enjoy this post? What do you think of my mock-covers? Did you like the song and the slideshow? P.S. Listen to the song and watch the slideshow at the same time. It’s awesome.

Tell Me!




7 thoughts on “My Writing Life: April Edition//April Recap

  1. Oh, W.O.W!!!! You are seriously talented!!! I LOVED the slideshow, and the mock cover as well—-W.O.W again!!!!!! This is really great!!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Are you tired of all the randomness yet?: no! It was quite fun. And I actually thought it was pretty organized.

    Did you enjoy this post?: I did! I love learning about different peoples’ WIPs and such. And the cover … oh, wait, there’s a question for that!

    What do you think of my mock-covers?: They were gorgeous! Especially the last two. The fonts on Swords and Song were amazing, and who can resist beautiful autumn leaves?

    Liked by 2 people

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