Shedding Light on an Awesome Character: Ky, Project X


Hello world! I had a few requests for more info(backstories, personalities, etc.) on the characters of my WIP, current name of Project X(ya, I seriously couldn’t think of a better title. It’s pretty awful).

Anyways, I’m going to do a small series of posts, one for each character, and tell you a bit about them. I won’t be super revealing, as that would give away major spoilers, but I will tell a lot. Probably to much. So spoiler-haters, don’t read this.

Now, Ky will talk to us. (NOTE: My words are in Italic)


Hello there, readers of whatever this thing is, *glares at computer screen*, I am Ky, son of–wait. *turns to me* Have you even named my parents yet?

*facepalm* I….I should probably get on that right now.

Right. Anyways, Sarah told me that “the fans” were asking all sorts of questions, and I needed to answer them. Don’t ask me why, but I do. And if I don’t…..let’s just say she knows how to write a death scene.

I do….poor Derin.


Nothing. I can’t tell you all of the plot, can I?

I’m the plot.

Just answer the questions.

Fine. *stares at very long list*

  1. What’s your full name?

My name is Kyren, as in Kylo Ren, minus the Force and Lightsaber. *looks at me* Wait, why can’t I have a lightsaber?

I would make you one in a heartbeat, but Lucas might be a bit touchy. It’s called a copyright, my dears.

Ha ha. Don’t call me a dear. *gives me the death stare* Anyways, I go by Ky now.

Kay, Ky.

Not funny, Penmaster.

Thanks for the title, your royal Ironist. (Is that even a word? Spell correct says no.)

2. What country are you from?

Eh….I’m a native Rushal(I’ll not say what territory), but after the plagues and Varhan’s warriors attacked, I fled as a refugee to Wren, a city in Lathirim with my mother. I never knew my father. *pauses*After my mother died a year later, I became an orphan and lived on the streets ’till I was 12, then Rayden took me into his band.

3. How old are you?

*scowls at computer screen* By swords and serpents, what kind of question is that?

Just answer it for the reader’s sake.

Fine. *suffering groan/eye roll* I’m 17.

4. Did you have a happy childhood?

*raises eyebrow* Um….I guess?’Til I was around seven, when my mother died, I was perfectly happy. Sure, I wondered where my father was, but not that much. I was fine with j’st me ‘nd my mother together. But after she died, I guess things sorta went….downhill. Like a cliff. I lived alone ’til I was twelve, learned how t’ survive, and then Rayden found me, and he taught me everythin’ I know….well, ‘most everything.

5. What do you care about most?

Freedom. Freedom and revenge, no doubt about it. I’ll take down that liar Varhan, or die trying. It’s the only way thing’s will ever get halfway good again.

Ya, maybe you should try forgiving him….

No! That’s not an option. Not after what he did.

6. What is your biggest fear?

I…I…….I don’t want to talk about it.

Come on…..

No. I–No.

Fine. I’ll tell them.

Ky’s biggest fear is that he’ll never be accepted. That if anyone found out about his gift, the people will chase him away–or worse, kidnap him and study him and his gift like some rare specimen. In effect, he hates being stared at, watched, studied–whatever you want to call it–or told he’s special(He considers it just a nice way of saying “Hi, you’re freak.”).

7. What makes him stand out from others?

You can answer that.

Well, one, his gift(we’ll get to that some other time), two, his eyes. They’re a brilliant blue-gray, described as being very sharp, intelligent, wary, and guarded. Three, his scar, which runs from his left temple to his jawline. It’s not to deep, so it’s not awful, but it is definitely noticeable. And four, his origins, if he’d tell anyone them.

8. If you could describe yourself with one word, what would it be?

Fiery. And literally. *hint hint*

9. What do you look like?

Uh…..*looks uncomfortable* I’m tallish, I’ve got black hair, and a scar?

Here’s some pictures.

Images via Pinterest

10. On what occasion would you lie?

On what occasion would I lie….*shakes head* About any, depending on the stakes. I mean, what’s a person to do when he knows that if anyone found out, he’d be killed, or kidnapped, or exiled…..lying is the only thing to do. You can’t trust anyone, especially the people who know you. If they know your weakness, they’ll most definitely exploit it. It’s only natural.

11. Do you have any weakness’s, allergies, pet peeves?

Uh….could someone explain what in dragon fire is a ‘pet peeve’?

*rolls eyes* It’s something you don’t like.

Oh. Well, where should I start then? At the top of the list is going to be you…


Kidding. At the top is probably people, just in general. They’re always staring at me, and watching me, like people do. They just can’t accept me for who I am, not for who I’m not.


No! I just don’t like being treated like a–like I’m different. And no, I don’t have any weakness’s. *smirks* At least not any I know of.

You have such a horrible sense of humor. And you are different.

No I’m not!

Moving on….

12. What is your biggest regret?

*throws list away and stands up* What is with these questions!? I don’t have regrets!

Sure….(Don’t worry, readers, he’s just being his usual paranoid and cautious self. He’ll get over it. Hopefully.) Ky unfortunately views people who trust everyone as weak…and in effect, never admits anything. He’s afraid, really. (Rolls eyes at such a complex character.) I don’t know what to do with him somedays…but he’s actually a really nice, compassionate person once you get to know him. He reminds me of a pineapple. Ya gotta get past the prickly outside to get to the sweet inside. (Why am I being such a romanticist?)

13. What would you do if one of your friends got hurt?

Help them, and then avenge them. No one hurts my friends. They’re all I got. *yanks out swords* Nobody!

I think maybe we should be done asking questions….before he gets violent. That would be bad.


So, there you have it, folks. A bit about Ky. And now, for those who like lists:

Name: Kyren(Ky) Northblade

Age: 17

Noticeable Features/Habits: Scar running from left temple to jawline, jet black hair, sharp blue-gray eyes, described as having flecks of silver. If you could compare his looks to another fantasy character, it would be Tam Song from KOTLC, minus the silver bangs, of course. Likes to throw things up and catch them again, bad habit of judging people to quickly.

Images via Pinterest

Traits/Personality: Compassionate, kind, caring, very ironic, good speaker(he’s been called ‘silver-tongue’ before.), guarded, cautious(more in what he says than his actions), bold, outgoing at times, very determined, stubborn, loyal, a bit pessimistic sometimes, socially awkward(At least when he’s trying to be nice, not steal things from you or recruit an army.), and on the darker side, he hates the dark, doesn’t trust easily, judges people fast(and sometimes incorrectly) and is very drawn in(think turtle).

Backstory(summary, a complete backstory would give away to many spoilers.):

Ky was born in Rushal, and he lived there until the plagues and invasions struck the country hard. Then he moved with his mother to Lathirim, to the city of Wren. He never knew his father, and his mother wouldn’t tell him his name.

After his mother died from sickness, he lived on the streets and learned how to survive until he was 12, when Rayden Stoneway took him into his rebel band(Mundar had taken over Wren by now) and taught him to sword fight, raid, spy, etc.

The time when our story starts, he is 17, still with Rayden and his band.


So, there you have it! What do you think of my main character? He’s kind of hard to write, because I don’t want to make him too dark, and I want to be compassionate at the same time as being sort of rough and guarded….so complex. *shakes head* He’s an ocean of irony at times.

What do you think of Ky? Do you like him? Is there anything you think I should change about him? Do you think he’s a good character?

Tell me in the comments!





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