Why do I Blog?

A lot of people might ask, why do you blog? What do you have to offer to the world that they need to know?

The answer is simple. I offer the truth, and nothing else. I blog to tell the world, as in Sam Gamgee’s words(LOTR), that “There is some good left in the world, and it’s worth fighting for.”

I blog to show people what the world is really like, and how it can be changed. Face it, people. We are destroying all that we have. I’m no environmentalist, or animal activist, and I haven’t studied charts for years on changing weather. But I have eyes, and I can see that what is happening.

Can you?

We of today seem to be solely focused on one thing: personal comfort. And to get personal comfort, we want food, houses, cars, phones, property, and money. Money rules the world, and those who have the money, make the rules. Isn’t that what they say?

People feel guilty for what they are doing to God’s creation, so they deny it. They say, “That’s just propaganda. They’re exaggerating.” or, “Those aren’t real facts. You’re just trying to make us feel bad.”

In truth, some people do exaggerate the facts. But I’ve got a question for you. What should they do, when we don’t listen? When today’s society views the occasional terrorist attack as normal, and the killing of animals just to test their chemical makeup products? When abortion is considered right, because the mother isn’t responsible enough to take the consequences of her own wrong actions?

So what do we do? We kill the forests that produce oxygen for us to breath. We kill the native wildlife that keep everything in balance. And we, the sinful people, take the lives of innocent babies because we think we need to have control over our own lives.

Oh, people, when are you going to stop? You are digging yourselves into a hole from which there is one escape: the God who loves you so much, whom you hate and turn your backs on, the God who sent his ONLY SON to die for you!

And yet you go on in sin.

In effect, we cut down forests to make space for GMO plants and imported animals that aren’t even native to North America. We push back the animals and plants that God put here for a reason. And we destroy children who have every right to live.


Because people today want to run and hide themselves from their problems, they don’t want to admit that they are broken. That the world is broken. That we are broken.


And only one thing can heal our brokenness. God.

But no, we run and play Jonah, thinking we can get away from all our problems by denying them.

But we can’t. There is no escape from the impending doom, from our brokenness and sin. Unless we turn to God, admit our brokenness, and become saved.

What will you do?



6 thoughts on “Why do I Blog?

  1. I got agree with you on most of that, though I’m 100% for logging (which has now been pretty much outlawed in my state). And yes, people really do want to hide from abortion and all that being wrong! :/

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