Name Change


How is everyone this lovely day-after-Easter-Monday? At least Easter Monday was lovely. that was before it rained, hailed, and snowed all in the same half hour.  (Welcome to Montana, folks.)

On the less rainy side, did anyone notice my name changes over the last few days? First it was:


And then I changed it to the much better:


What do you think? I’m making writing one of my top priorities now, so I’ll be posting a lot more about it and life. But mostly writing. My social life is very lame right now. I’m in kind of a spring snow dump, and because of it I can’t ride out to see any of my friends, and I won’t have my license ’till January, so that leaves me an anti-social homeschooler right now. Ugh.

*and yes, I am not anti-social. Mostly.*

How was your Easter? Was it sunny? Do you like my new name and design?

Talk to me!



15 thoughts on “Name Change

  1. Can’t tell you how much I LOVE your new design!!! I LOVE IT!!! YESSS!!! Our Easter here where I live was very sunny, and a perfect day…it WAS really rainy the night before Resurrection Sunday, so I was really hoping the next day would be sunny!!! And it was! 😀

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  2. Happy Resurrection!!
    Yes, I like the new blog name!! Much more captivating.
    Snow is tons of fun, but I hope you get released from its cold cabin fever soon! ;P

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