Character Analysis: Project X

Hello world! Welcome to my first-ever character analysis that I am posting, on the two main characters of my WIP, Project X. Today, Ky, Ezra, and Melody will be answering 6 questions, from their POV.

Note: My words are italics.

What is their full name and is there a story behind how they got it?

Ky: Really?


Fine. My name is Ky, if you want to know. As for why I’m named that, I don’t know, and I’m not about to ask Rayden why.

Ezra: My parents named me Ezranor, after my grandfather. I prefer Ezra though..

Melody: I don’t really know if there was a reason in naming me Melody, but I do love to sing, so it fits.

Are they a rebel or a rule-follower?

Ky: Again? What about the cloak-hood-sword-mask combo makes you think I like rules? Only the weak need leadership. The strong are those that lead.

Ky….really? You know some rules are good, right? Like the ones your father made?

Ky: Eh.

Ezra: Rules are to keep us safe, right? At least most of them…back before the Varhan came, we were actually quite happy. But then the plague came, and then the soldiers…now rules are just things that keep me from eating.

Very true….

Ezra: You know you could change that, right?

Ya, well….it wouldn’t be as interesting if I did.

Ezra: How is watching me starve interesting?

Melody: I think rules are good for us. Some of them. Back before the invasion, the rules were to keep us safe.  Now, they are meant to keep us under control, and if we don’t follow them…..

Bad things happen.

Describe your character’s physical appearance: (I also added pictures)

Ky: Seriously? What is it with these questions?


Fine. Here:

Ezra: Well…I’m on the short side, and I’ve got reddish-brown hair. ‘Nuff said?

Not nearly. Here, show them these photos.

Ezra: Wait. How did you get these?


Ezra: You employed a realm-master, didn’t you? World-leaping, little scum….*runs at me*

*runs* Help!

Melody: If you really want to know, I’ve got long brown hair, blue eyes, and I’m kind of in the middle by height, at least for a girl. Even Ezra is taller than me.

If your character had ‘catch line’, what would it be?

Ky: Probably something like, “Don’t ask, just do” or, “Don’t play games with the person who can play them better.”

Actually, it’s–

Ky: Quiet, girl.

Excuse me? I can write a good death scene, you know….

Ezra: Uh…..

You can do better than that.

Ezra: Are you sure?

Your line is: “I don’t want to be a hero. I just want to live a normal life.”

Ezra: O…kay.

Melody: Well, one of my favorite things I said was: “You have to learn to forgive before you can forget.”

Well wrote–er–said. *gives self round of applause*

Melody: *glare*

Does your character have a pet or companion?

Ky: Well, I have Felindor, but if you call him a pet he’ll probably attack you….his ancestors had dragon blood in them.

It’s true….

Ezra: After I–

Wait! No spoilers!

Ezra: Right. Anyways, this is my Gryphon, Windor.


Melody: I have my good friend, Dusktail. He is one of my best friends.


What was your first expressions of each other?

Ky: Ezra was kind of too-curious, for his own good. As for Melody, the first I saw of her was her sword.

Ezra: *glances at Ky nervously* Ky was rough, I guess. I mean, he knocked me over, held me a knife-point, and cut my hand all in the same ten minutes. And Melody was…I guess you could call it fierce? And the sweet?


Ezra: *Both Ky and Melody stare at him* What?!

Melody: The boys were both pretty nice once I stopped fighting and listened, but ya, as far as first impressions…they were both typical guys.

I love that scene….so funny.


Well, there you have it. Meet the Trio, folks. Hilarious, sarcastic, and just plain funny, but full of emotion. (Seriously, I have issues writing to much emotion. It’s tragic…I have to make them act like boys, and not hyper-emotional ones either.)

I just love writing these guys…they’re such fun. Anyways, thanks for reading, and feel free to comment on their characters…I can use all the input I can get!

Thanks, Sarah.





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