An Announcement + Writing Snippet


Hello world! Sarah here. (Are you scared//excited???)

And now, the announcement, so you don’t have to wait any more. (I was going to make you wait till the end of this post.


Yep, I’m re-naming, re-designing, re-organizing my entire blog. I’m not planning on having all the new graphics ready for at least a few weeks, so I’m sorry for any inconvenience.


And now, for my writing news.

I have re-written the plot of Nobelon almost completely, and renamed it’s main characters to Kirin>>Ezra and Gabriel>>Ky.

And, for those of you interested, a snippet:

Ezra looked up. A tall boy wearing a tattered grey shirt and leather vest, with high boots, dark brown pantaloons, and a thick belt and sword strapped around his slender waist glared down at him, anger in every inch of his taunt body. “I–uh……hi.” Ezra stammered.

The boy reached down and dragged him up by his collar, as easily as one would pick up a toddler. “What d’ya want?” He hissed between clenched teeth. “And why were ya runnin’?” His cold grey eyes surveyed Ezra’s dusty state like a man surveys a horse at the market.


“Is th’t all ya c’n say?” The boy demanded. He let go of Ezra’s collar so suddenly that he wound up sitting on the ground. “Why…..were….you…..running?” He spoke slowly, as if he were talking to a half-wit.

The cold cobblestones under Ezra’s hands suddenly felt colder. “I…..I was running from men who stole my bread.” He snapped, feeling a hot red flush spread up his cheeks.

The tall boy gave a relieved sigh, and ordered, “Get up.” He didn’t offer a hand, or ask, ‘are you hurt’. Just an icy, ‘get up’. So Ezra scrambled up.

The boy suddenly jerked his sword out, swung it at Ezra’s head, and there was a terrible pain as something hard collided with his skull. Then it all went black.

That, my lovely, was Ky and Ezra’s first meeting. Great first impression, right? First, knocking you over, then beating you up, and then swinging a sword at your head. Just beautiful.

(I’m really glad I’m not Ezra. What the headache he’s going to have!)

Oh, and another snippet:

“Well, how’d I do?”

Derin turned to little Fingers and smiled, the look in his warm brown eyes showing his approval far more than words could. “Ya did great, kid. Best I seen in a while.”

Fingers grinned broadly, showing the one chipped tooth that made him seem even more comical than ever. “Really?” The small boy exclaimed, Derin nodded, rumpling his thick brown curls. In fact, everything about Fingers–also known as J’nali–was brown. Brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin, the only thing not brown were his shining white teeth, even the chipped one.

“Really.” Derin assured. “Even Ky couldn’t find fault in that bread heist, my friend. You did well.”

The little boy’s face shadowed at the mention of Ky. “D’ya think he’ll be mad we stayed? Ya know how he is.” He asked Derin quietly.

Derin shrugged, for once not caring a whit about what Ky thought was best, or if they’d missed the curfew. “Who cares?” He told Fingers. “Ky worries to much. Even though he’s my friend, I gotta admit that sometimes he gets on my nerves as well.”

Fingers was thoughtful for a moment. Then he blurted, “I think he’s scared.”

The statement caught Derin by surprise, and he sat up, looking Fingers in the eye. “Why d’ya think that?”

Fingers shrugged. “I don’t know. I just do. I mean, it’s something I just feel inside o’ me.” He knit his thick brows together. “What do you think?”

“I don’t know.” Derin mumbled, daydreaming. Ky, scared!? Never. Nothing scared Ky. Nothing, not even death, phased him. How could Fingers think he was scared?

So, what do you think of Derin, Fingers, Ky, and Ezra so far? I really like the team of Derin and Fingers, and I think Derin’s going to be one of my favorite and saddest characters….hint hint. He has…..a unique but sweet and touching role in the story.

*drys eyes*

Other than that, I’ve been working on Ky’s and Ezra’s backstory. Especially Ky’s, since I re-wrote my plot, and his(Gabriel’s) doesn’t work any more. I’ve also been working on really making him rougher and more introverted, but tough and stubborn as well. *sighs* He’s just so complex…….


Thanks for reading! Have a great day–er, evening.



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