New Digital Avatars of All my WIP Characters

You remember Nobelon, my 2017 WIP, right? The sword-in-the-stone//robin-hood re-telling? Well, just to let you guys know, I created avatars for all the main characters I have created at the moment(not counting villians). Also, I re-wrote the entire plot, weaving in pirates, a song, nightingales, griffons, new characters, a rebellion, a huntress, and a promise.

Yep, I re-wrote the whole thing. Oh. And I changed the MC’s names from Kirin>>to Ezra, Gabriel>>to Ky. Why, I don’t really know. First off, I have a thing for characters named Ky(though I’m yet to find one in an actual book) and the names Kirin and Gabriel just weren’t working out for me.

Ky and Ezra fit my style of fantasy and writing better, plus, I like their names better. So, now to the point of this post: the art.

DISCLAIMER: I did not actually draw these, I used an online avatar creator called to create them so I could have a glimpse of what they would look like.(Also, because I suck at drawing people.)

And now, let me introduce……

Fingers(he’s called that for picking pockets, and his real name is J’nali.)

What do you think? Pretty fun…I like to do it with all my characters. Someday I’ll have to post pictures of my sketches for this book.



9 thoughts on “New Digital Avatars of All my WIP Characters

  1. Just so you know, I’m the same exact person as Elizabeth (HorseLover4Ever) but that account got really messed up, so I made a new one!!!! But Elizabeth (HorseLover4Ever) and I are one in the same!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂


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