What kind is it?

Returning to ‘What kind is it?’, last week’s winner was:

Cowboy J. Blick!

Last week’s horse: Rocky Mountain Horse


This week’s  horse:


Comment below with your guess!


19 thoughts on “What kind is it?

  1. Okay…so I know it’s a pony. Hmmmm….is it a Highland Pony? An Icelandic horse? ( I know that breed isn’t a pony, but this horse looks exactly like an Icelandic horse in my horse breeds book.) Those are all my guesses I have left….:)

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  2. Hmmmm…….is it a New Forest Pony?! Man, it could be about 5 other pony breeds I know of….I guess I’ll try to narrow it down question by question, LOL!!!! 😀 😀

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  3. Okay is it a Mutt? It sounds Very weird, but I have a friend who has a pony that looks sooooo much alike like that picture… but the pony is a mixed breed, so they say she is a Mutt ( breed ) It’s totally fine if I got it wrong…

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