Top Ten Movies That I love


You’re like, don’t we already know you? Well, now you’ll know me EVEN BETTER. *evil laugh*

Yes, we will now show you my top-ten favorite movies, just in case you didn’t already see the title AND the huge image announcing what we’re doing….so please focus. And it begins.

  1. Lord of the Rings. I know, it seems rather obvious, but yes, this is one of my favorites. I love the books, and the movies are amazing to…..
  2. The Chronicles of Narnia. I absolutely can’t wait till the Silver Chair comes out….I’ve watched the preview like 20 times and am about ready to start screaming if they don’t release it soon…the book is amazing and I can’t wait to see how the movie turns out. As for the other movies, Prince Caspian is my favorite so far…but it’s also my favorite book.
  3. The Giver. I loved this book, even someone (I’m looking at you, siblings) lost my copy, I still get it from the library. The movies ending. BTW, I think is much better than the book’s. No spoilers.
  4. The Black Stallion. A horse-lover’s must see, I LOVE this film. Someday, I will own a black Arabian. I will. And I’ll probably try to race him…..
  5. Star wars, of course. I don’t understand you people who say they suck. What is wrong with you?
  6. Unbranded. This is a horse-girl must see. If you like horses, this film is for you….someday I will ride a mustang from Mexico to Canada.
  7. The Man From Snowy River. Most of you probably haven’t seen it, since it’s an older movie, but this movie is one of my top three faves. You just can’t beat New Zealand scenery, wild horses, and a bit of romance in one movie.
  8. When Calls the Heart. Yes, it’s a TV show, but I love it! It’s a perfectly clean, funny, and great romance between a Canadian Mountie and a schoolteacher…it’s very good. If you like historical fiction, you will love this.
  9. Princess Bride. A classic, that everyone must see. You have to. *laugh* You must see it.
  10. Dolphin Tale! I love this movie, and I really need to see #2….the story is great!

So, there you have it. 10 movies I love, and that you can check out….

Did you like this post? Should I do more get-to-know-me posts? Do  you like any of theses movies? What is your favorite movie?

 Tell me!





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