My Writing Life//In which I Educate You Ignorant Mortals on the Horrors of Plotting


Welcome to my new monthly mini-series, #MyWritingLife. In this series I will educate you ignorant plotters on the wonders and horrors of being a pantser, how I am preparing to somehow insanely write 60,000 words in a month, and on a writing updates + maybe a few sneak peaks from Nobelon & The Phoenix Project.

So, prepare to be amazed, as I give you an update on:

(Drum roll please)

The Adventures of Alex Knight and the Secret of the Dragons Eye!

I have reached 4,546 words! *I know, such a big accomplishment* But hey, I’ve only been writing on it ‘officially’ after the whole blood-draining and death-defying process of writing out a plot for about a month…and I haven’t been very loyal to my lovely, being caught up with my wonderful characters that I absolutely LOVE in Nobelon and The Phoenix I haven’t written as much as i should every day. In fact, I haven’t even written every day…

*sheepish grin*

Other Projects..

Nobelon and The Phoenix Project are such good stories though! I just wrote around 3,000 words on The Phoenix Project in the last few days, because I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the story! In case you haven’t heard, it’s a Christian Futuristic Dystopian novel, and here’s the unpolished synopsis/exert….

Jey fingered the tiny iron chain about his neck, wondering what the rectangular piece of technology suspended on it was. Sighing in frustration, he gathered his feet under him, and ignoring the throbbing in his confused brain, he stood carefully and leaned against the grimy, stained wall.


He stared at the red-stained wall, wondering at the many bullets embedded in it’s once white rock. What had happened here? What had–

A scene flashed through his mind, and Jey involuntarily pressed his hands against his forehead, grabbing his hair and sinking back down to the ground.

Pain. Screams. Hundreds of black-clad guards, marching in perfect rhythm, and a symbol. Blue and black flames, rising around one thing: a blue phoenix, it’s jagged beak opened in a terrible screech that pierced one’s ears like a dagger.

Jey couldn’t stand the pain in his mind any more. The faces of innocent men and women, and the gunshots…he jumped to his feet and ran.

Why couldn’t he remember?

*  *  *  *                       *  *  *  *

That was three years ago. Ever since then, Jey has been running from someone–something–he doesn’t remember, someone who wants him at any cost. When he finally catches up with Jey, and reveals Jey’s traitorous past to him, Jey can’t–or won’t–believe him, so he seeks out the very ones he supposedly hurt all those years ago, wanting the truth…but it’s not what he thinks.

Angry, hurt, and confused, he finally must choose sides in an epic battle between the Light and the Darkness, and even more, between himself and his destiny.

Will he choose the fate the Exterminators created him for, the fate which cannot be denied, that is controlling him–or will he choose forgiveness and love?


So, there you have it. The Phoenix Project, which, even I, #LovesSpoilersMoreThanAnything, will not say any more about……

For now.

Moving on. As for Nobelon, I has currently outlined it, am working on chapter outlines/characters/themes/everything else that needs worked on, and have set the finish date(hopefully) to November of next year….so don’t get to excited.

NaNoWriMo updates:

As for NaNo, I will either do Nobelon, The Secret of the Dragon’s Eye, or The Phoenix Project, though right now I’m leaning toward the latter…I just love this story SO MUCH!!!

Me with this story…

And now, for the Horrors of Plotting!!


Me, when plotting.






Totally me. In fact ,no spoilers, but in Nobelon, I’m killing off more characters than I ever have….

Did you like this post? Are you looking forward to next months? Did you enjoy my exert/synopsis? Look forward to my next post:


Tell me in the comments! >>>




9 thoughts on “My Writing Life//In which I Educate You Ignorant Mortals on the Horrors of Plotting

    I am looking forward to this series! 🙂 Good luck on your novel. Are you writing it for NaNo in November, or Camp Nano?

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