The Dragon’s Key, part 5

Sorry for such the long wait!


“So, is this Dragon’s Key, or whatever, the key to-” she hesitated. Could she trust him? “-the door in the woods?”
“The door in the woods?” Jay asked. “The one near the river?”
“Well, ya.”
“The door to the human world.” Jay still seemed confused.
“You mean, you want to go into the human world? Why?” He stood up and started pacing. Back and forth, back and forth……
“Because, uh, it’s my home?” She didn’t understand why he was acting so…..weird.
“Your home? How can it be your home? That’s not poss-” He stopped and turned to glare at her. “Unless you’re a human.” He finished darkly.
“But, I, um, am.”
“WHAT?!” He cried. “You, you can’t be serious! A human!?” He lowered his voice as if he was talking to himself. “And I had to be stuck with you. Of course. She couldn’t have-”
He whirled around. “I, uh, she-” He started packing up to leave. “I,…never mind. Just help pack.”
Elanora was tired of secrets. She grabbed his arm. “No. What is going on?”
He stared at her, and then pulled away and ran a hand through his hair. When he finally turned back, he looked mournful. “You’re a human.” He said. “That’s what’s going on.”
She was confused. “So why is that bad? And who is she?”
Jay’s hands shook as he tightened the straps on the dragon’s saddle. “I–” His voice lowered, and his shoulders drooped. The boy leaned back against the dragon and sank to the ground, head in hands, but he didn’t make a sound.
Elanora crouched down next to him. “Who. Is. She?”
Jay lifted his head from his hands long enough to give her a sad stare, and then dropped it down again. “It’s no use.” He muttered, but his voice was relaxed and easy. Then he added, eyeing her, “They’ll never make it.”
Elanora scrunched her eyebrows in a line. “Who’ll never make it?” She asked gently, thinking maybe he had a family.
Even that was possible for such a stubborn guy, wasn’t it?
A small grin twisted over his lips, but on the inside, Jay was racking his brain for a reply, and wishing he could just tell her the truth. That he was supposed to betray her to the Queen, so she could take over the world.
But she’d never forgive you, stupid. She’d hate you, just like everyone else.
Jay bit his lip, and replied, “My aunt. She’s in Calagar, near Darx’s kingdom. If you taking the key starts the full on war I think it will, she’ll never survive.”
Elanora sank onto the ground and cross her legs. “This is going to start a war??” She gasped. “But, I don’t want to start a war. I jut want to go home.”
Jay grinned, and stood, offering a hand. “Well, Darx doesn’t see it that way.”
Elanora took his hand, and jumped up beside him. “So now what?”
Jay pointed east. “We head straight into the belly of the beast.”

So, what’d you think? Rather short, but it really deepens Jay’s character, I really like this section.


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