An announcement!

I’m so excited! Here’s my announcement!!!!










I GOT A PET DOLPHIN!!!!!! Okay, okay, I didn’t, but I wish I did.

Moving on.




I have started a new novel!And I plan to finish it sometime in the near future! *hopefully*

So, what is this genius creation, you may ask? Well, to give you a few hints without and major spoilers, let’s just say it’s a christian adventure novel. Here’s the stats:

Current title: Julie, Alex, and the Secret of the Dragon’s Eye

Word count: Around 2,000?

Word count goal: 70-80,000

Genre: Christian Fiction, Christian Adventure, Archaeology, Mystery, Teen Fiction

Summary: When 15-year-old’s Alex Knight and Julie Hall accompany their archaeologist parents to a dig deep in the jungles of Peru, searching for a legendary giant ruby called El Dragon Ojo, or the Dragon’s Eye, they find more than expected. Not only was the ruby originally found by the Spanish explorer Pizarro, but supposedly, it is the size of a softball and of immeasurable value, especially to some who wish it at any price…….

Hopefully, it will turn into a series before long. I’m already brainstorming for possible sequels, but haven’t found anything super good so far. I’m hoping to get a final word count of around 70 or 80 thousand, preferably more, but we’ll see. So far, I’m into chapter 3 and reading over my outline(yes, I actually made an outline) for accuracy.

Cross your fingers, ’cause I’m hoping to someday publish it…..though probably not anytime soon. I might, however, put part of it on this blog. Anyways, meet the MC’s of the story, Alex Knight and Julie Hall.

(I couldn’t find pictures, so I’ll just describe them…)

Name: Julie Grace Hall

Age: 15

Likes: Animals, books, writing, photography(she carries a camera almost every where), rainy days for reading, movies.

Description: Blonde, wavy hair, green eyes, petite but strong. Medium height, not tall but not short. Tanned skin, and she’s the type to wear shorts and a t-shirt all summer, only changing to a dress to special occasions.

Julie is a bit of a bookworm, and tends to like reading about adventures more having her own. She, however, is not in the least shy, in fact, she’s pretty bold around people she knows well. Despite her quite ways, Julie is in fact very brave, but sensible at the same time.

Name: Alexander John Knight

Age: 15

Likes: Cats, rock-climbing, flying(especially when he’s the pilot), driving, exploring, and archaeology.

Description: Short brown hair, blue eyes, taller than Julie but not to tall. Doesn’t like dressing up, except for church, and even then he’s apt to wear jeans.

Alex is pretty much the opposite of Julie, and it shows some times. He likes to tease, has a good sense of humor, and loves exploring places his father would think twice about going into. In other words, he gets into plenty of scrapes with his adventuresome ways. One thing he does dislike is spelunking or exploring deep tunnels, etc. He’s also home-schooled, and has followed his parents to archaeological digs since he was about 5, so he’s an expert when it comes to explosives, archaeology, etc.

So, there you have it. I hope to have it finished before next year, but with how busy I usually am, it might not be done by then. Even then, it’ll probably wait 2 or 3 years before publishing, so I have time to revise, edit, design, and start the next few books…..

So don’t get to excited. (I myself feel like running around the yard, yelling, “IT’S SO AWESOME, IT’S SO AWESOME!!!!!”, but I’ll restrain myself….hopefully.)

Seriously, though, I really, really like this novel idea. I love adventure novels, and I love archaeology, and I like a little romance her and there……but not a whole lot. So don’t worry, people, this book will not turn into a ‘kissing book'(courtesy of Princess Bride).

What do you think?










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