Best of 2016 photo post

Beginning of the year: Fuzzy horse!!

I got a new horse! She is a registered Missouri fox trotter named Zane’s Athena.

MT Cross Rodeo Bible Camp(RBC)!!!! It’s awesome!!! 🙂

Summer photos at the community garden!!! 🙂 So pretty…..

Riding out to friends! Britt (Ranch Life)

The 4th of July! Every year we go to a big firework show. It’s awesome!!! 🙂 So much candy….and we see EVERYONE we know! 🙂

Summer….the pool, riding, friends, no school, awesome!!!! I ❤ summer!

Youth group at the reservoir!!Youth Group at the reservoir

The rest of summer…and some awesome quotes.

art award @ fair

Fair time! The highlight of summer! And I won open class art!

Horse selfies….and Photoshop projects.

Paintings….. 🙂


Can’t wait till we go Christmas sledding!!


1 ft of snow!!!

Thanks! And Merry Christmas!



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