Internet safety??

So, people, I have a problem. (don’t worry, it has to do with blogging. I won’t ask you to name the bones in your ear or something like that..or will I?*laugh*)

So, I have been thinking these past few days, about followers. No, I don’t want to beg you to ‘advertise’ me.

I’m an extremely cautious person on the internet, and I never put any really personal info(like my last name, exact location…etc.) on the internet. And, I know how many people impersonate people they are not. I want this blog to be a light in the darkness, to be a safe, clean place for anyone to come and go on. You may have noticed I just put up a ‘blog standard’ on my sidebar.

I want people to see my blog, so don’t get me wrong. But I want to be safe to. In which my dilemma enters.

Should I let anyone who clicks the ‘follow’ button follow me?

I have blocked a few questionable characters in the past, but the majority I let follow me. I would really like your guy’s input on this issue, especially you guy’s who have a lot of followers. How do you keep people from commenting with rude language? How do you make sure your personal info is safe?

Thanks for your time, guys. This is kind of a big issue for me, so please leave any advice you have!



55 thoughts on “Internet safety??

  1. You can screen your comments and make it so that any comment with certain words does not get posted unless you approve it.
    Frankly I didn’t even know you could keep people from following you. I want the follows, but I have a couple downright creepers.

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    • So, just to be straight, this doesn’t actually prevent them from coming back to your sight, but it unfollows them, and if your afraid of getting rude comments, you can change the comment settings so you have to approve them before they show up on your blog. Anyways, just go to your stats, scroll down on the left until you see a bar that says ‘people’. Click on that, and at the top of the page, it should say ‘team, followers, email followers.’ Click on followers, and to will see a list of everyone who follows you. Across from their name, is the word ‘remove’ click on that, and it will remove the person.
      Also, if their site is really bad, you can report it by going there and scrolling up a little. A small icon should appear on the right bottom corner, with three dots on it. Click on the dots, and there will be a ‘report this content’ button. Click that, and it will automatically report the sight to Hoped this helped!

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  2. I let most people follow me. You can never prevent comments but you can delete them. So if someone comments the f-bomb or something just hit the delete button. If they threaten you, you can block them and report them. You shouldn’t be deleting people of other religions and such, that’s just rude. Unless that person disrespects or threatens you. If someone does swear, just ask them to keep it PG or PG-13 if that kind of thing bothers you.
    Side note I have no problem advertising for you. πŸ™‚

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    • Ya, okay, all you do is go to your stats, and scroll down on that little bar thing on the left, until you see a thing that says ‘people’. Click on that, and then you should see a page that says ‘team, followers, email followers’ up at the top. Click on the followers button, and then you will see everyone who follows you. across from their name, is a button that says ‘remove.’ click that, and you’re done!

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  3. I have never had a problem with rude or inappropriate comments… When I started Simply Faith I was a bit worried about it but I’ve never had a problem. I didn’t know you could block followers though. I think it’s really up to you. 😁 Hope this helped.

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  4. I let anyone follow me, since I can monitor the comments. Besides, I rarely get comments from anyone I don’t know unless they are Natalie’s friend or follower. I wouldn’t worry about, unless you have problems. Things like facebook often display more than a blog anyway. πŸ˜€ That’s just my input.

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