Writing post 101

Hey y’all! (Is this my new ‘hello’ thing??)

I am loving all the great posts lately, on Christmas, NaNoWriMo, etc…..and to and it to my shopping list, I need to buy a few more books…and notebooks…and more books. So to entertain myself, and hopefully entertain you, here’s a little writing practice and a few of my very own ‘writing prompts’ to get y’all thinkin’.

Esther thundered down the lonely dirt road, occasionally glancing behind her.Was she being followed? Where was Eddie? Had they caught Tracey yet?

Her thoughts cut off abruptly as she sighted a stream with a few low trees crouching over its bubbling, twisting path. Cover! She ducked under the barb-wire fence that lined both sides of the road like a ribbon, leading you on and on till you finally reached what was an oasis in the lonely Kansas countryside. Dustville, a small 40-person city in the middle of who-knows-where Kansas county, was the only stop for miles around. And Esther was miles around it.

She plopped down under the shade of a small, stunted tree, that was probably twice as tall as it looked, once you dug away the 3 feet of dust and its base.

“Rarrrr!” Little Eddie yelled, and pounced on her from the bush beside her. Danny, Mary, Annie, and Tracey poured out from behind the trees and bushes, looking happy and out of breath.

“I’m a bear, Sissie!” Eddie roared, pretending to stalk her. Esther looked up at Tracey surprised, and he explained.

“You win, Esther. Yur the last one to get tagged. We had to take a shortcut across Wilson’s just to get here on time.”

Eddie roared, and they all laughed.

Amber walked grumpily down the darkening New York street, when suddenly a boy shot out of the adjoining ally and collided with her. Everything went black.


“Ugh….” She opened her eyes to find a tall boy with a short haircut shaking her. Amber jumped back and grabbed at a stick. “Who, who are you?”

“Amber…..don’t you remember me? I’m Casey.” When she still looked confused, he added, “Your brother?”

“Casey?” Amber said slowly. “Is it really you? After all these years?”

Writing Prompts:

Write a story with a character who has an important message, but can’t seem to remember it.


Write a story with you as the main character. Make your character do everything just as you would, and then add a sidekick who does everything opposite to you.


“It’s like they can’t see you.”

“They can’t.”

She laughed, and suddenly the ice we were sitting spread its wings and started to fly.

Ember turned to look at me, and then we were suddenly standing in the lost library of Alexandria.

“Imagine all the history in here!” Ember cried, and started searching through scrolls.

“Ember, watch out,” Jim scolded. “They might see you!” He pointed at the white-bearded men strolling about in the building’s painted halls.

“Ah, Jim, you worry to much. Hey, look at this!” She opened a book titled ‘ The tale of Aladdin. ‘ “I wish go here.”, she said, pointing at a colorful picture of a middle-eastern marketplace.

Suddenly everything went black, and moments later, they opened their eyes to see a dusty desert street swarming with people.

Hope you enjoyed them! (you can use them if you want)



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