Random Post

So today I thought I’d do a random blog post just for fun. So I dug into my bucket of post ideas, and found one about a summer recap. Here we go!

At the end of March, I got a new horse, Zane’s Athena, a registered Missouri Fox Trotter. She is now becoming my rodeo and trail horse.

barrel racer!

After that not much happened till June, when I and two of my younger sibling participated in MT Cross Rodeo Bible Camp(RBC). I helped my younger siblings in the kid’s camp, and then I did the teen camp with my good friends Alana and Britt.

me on Athena
Britt on her horse Dunny
Alana on Shasta

After that, I went on numerous trail rides and i often rode out to see Britt and her younger sis, Tierra.

BTW, you should totally check out Britt’s blog. Its @ranchlifesite.wordpress.com.

During August, we went to fair to see Britt and her family, as we didn’t do 4-H this year. But I did enter a pastel drawing I did in the open class division.

2016-07-07 21.47.10
my drawing, original(bad lighting)

It was awesome. I LOVE the fair…..

After fair, I rode out to Britt’s house A LOT, and we rode back into town twice and rode right up to the gas station and bought drinks and treats on our horses. After that, my friend Alana, who came to RBC, came to visit her grandparents for Thanksgiving, and we had some awesome sleepovers. (She lives in CA). She’s awesome! To bad she doesn’t have a blog…(yet!).

Lately I haven’t done much, and I unfortunately didn’t get a deer or an elk or an antelope this year… 😦 But I did get to see a HUGE bighorn sheep on the way to see our cousins. He was huge! I don’t have any pics this moment, but soon I’m going to do a ‘best of 2016 pic post’, so you’ll see him then…..

I did update my theme and header lately, and I really like the result. Plus, I’ve been messing around with oil paints, and painted these three pics.


Enter a caption

BTW, here is my new header if u haven’t seen it.

i made this on adobe Photoshop/illustrator.

That’s all for now folks! TTYS! I mean WTYS! (Write To You Soon!)


P.S. I am currently working on a new sign-out pic. So you won’t have to see this P-L-A-I-N one for very much longer LOL!



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