How-ya all doing? I’ve been so busy….Greek will not spare me. Neither will Math….. I am doing word problems lately..ugh. I can’t stand math. Today I haltered Donovan for a few minutes, and rode him around bareback. We also worked on lunging, pivot turns, squaring up, and backing. Donny was perfect at going left on the lung-line, but going right..well that’s another story.  After 30 minutes of working I finally got him to trot right once without stopping. Then I rewarded him and let him go. Oh, -and did I mention, he set up perfectly when I asked! I didn’t have to tap his shoulder or anything! Good job Donny, little boy!

Athena is doing well to, she needs a lot more groundwork though.. But she’s getting the hang of lunging. The problem with her is that she sat in a pasture for years without being worked with or ridden, except once in a while bareback in a halter at a walk. So she needs a lot of work. But next year me and her are getting into high-school rodeo, and if she’s good at that, I will probably breed  her. She has really good bloodlines, but I would like to cross-breed her to a more refined quarter horse or paint stallion. If i can’t do that, I’ll try for a chestnut Foxtrotter, because then I will get a palomino foal. The only guaranteed way to get a palomino is to breed a cremello(Athena) with a chestnut.

I am also doing 4-H this year, and I’m doing horse, photography, maybe leather-craft, and lamb probably. Can’t wait for the fair and RBC!



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