Guys!….I updated my theme!

I updated my theme! HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH!!! …..I know..I got tired of wordpress’ scratchpad theme I changed it, and made a new header pic, which I think is totally AWESOME! What do you think? Plus, I think this new theme is WAY,no, more like, stylish. I like informal themes to, but this new theme *that I forgot the name for* is cool and more ‘formal’ at the same time….

I’m rambling.

Sorry. Not.

What to do, what to do…let’s see, this is turning out to be a short post…so…let’s write! Why not?


Anyways, here’s a summary of a book I’ve been working on:

14 year-old Payton Carter was scared of everything. She had just failed to qualify for the Junior Jumper Nationals when her mother, Trisha Carter, announced that she was getting engaged. Again. Payton is left on her father’s ranch in Montana when Trisha goes off on another ‘dream cruise’  for 5 months in the Caribbean with her engaged, Richard.

 When Payton goes to her first MT rodeo, she is inspired by the ladies barrel racing. But will she have the courage to train Lyssa into a barrel racer, and the speed to compete? It seems not, But then an unlikely friend appears, and with his help, she gains the courage to face the arena, the speed, and most importantly, herself.

As the summer progress’s, will Payton come to know Montana and the father she never knew, or will she stay a frightened English jumper?

I’m still outlining, working on the (extensive )plot, and writing the first chapters. Ya, I know, I should stick to one thing at a time, but I’m a total pantser, so I can’t really ever have a complete and final plot.  Plus, this is the first book I’m writing that I actually plan to publish someday, and have set a date for its completion, which is supposed to be March 30th. I set it longer than I wanted to, just because I need the extra time to rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite….

That’s all for now! Write to y’all soon hopefully!



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