The Dragon’s Key part…um…4?

Okay, I’m sorry not that I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ll hopefully be posting more regularly from now on. I had a lot going on lately…so..ya, I could give you a bunch of excuses….but I’ll cut to the chase.

The Dragon’s Key, Part 4.
Last time….

Jay pointed to a clearing in the woods and Ice dove into it. The dragon landed gracefully, hardly shaking the sleeping girl on his back. Jay leaped off and shook Elanora awake frantically.
“Come on kid, get up!” He cried at her. She sat up groggily, fighting the urge to ignore him. Satisfied that she was awake, he thrust a short sword into her hand.
Elanora came alive when she saw the sword. “What’s going on?” She asked Jay.
“Trolls.They sighted us when we where flying. They might try to attack,” he replied hastily. “Just start a fire. Ice and I will scout around for a minute. Be back in a second.” He tossed her the flint and steel and flew off.
“Well that was nice of him,” she told a tree trunk. “Just leave me to fight trolls by myself.”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * ** * * *
Jay circled for a while, trying to get the exact location of his employer. Finally he saw a dragon’s tail poking out from a giant bush.
“There they are Ice,” he told the dragon. Then, more to himself than Ice, he muttered, “Darx’s men.”
Ice took them in, and as soon as they landed, several armed men jumped out of the bushes, pointing glowing red and orange swords at Jay and Ice.
Then a man stepped out of the bush. He must have been at least six and a half feet tall, with a chest the size of a barrel and huge, meaty hands. He carried a curved red saber, and wore red and black armor to match it.
“Well. Our little fly has decided t check in for once.” The big man laughed, sending chills up Jay’s back and making Ice growl.
“Aright, Merschalz. You’ve had your laugh. Now what’s up that you called me here,” Jay replied stiffly.
Merschalz apparently was smarter than he looked, and got right to the point. “There’s been a delay. Queen Helenara won’t be able to meet us till next week.”
“So what am I supposed to do?” Jay asked.
Merschalz leaned close in to him and growled in his ear. “Watch the girl. Keep her safe. See that she doesn’t wander into any other worlds. And most importantly, don’t let her get to the dragon. He holds the Key.”
Jay froze. The Key? “You mean the Key?The Dragon’s Key?”
“Yes, boy! What do you think I was talking about? You know what I mean. Tell her about the Key. Then lead her in circles on a ‘quest’ to find the Key.”
“Yes sir,” Jay replied. In his mind, he was thinking. This is all bigger than I thought. Its not just about capturing the kingdom, Darx is messing with the Dragon’s Key as well!
“Now, you’d better get going. The girl will wonder what has happened to you. Go!” Merschalz cried.
Jay leaped upon Ice’s back and took off back towards camp.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Elanora looked up at the faint sound of approaching wings. Jay and Ice flew in and landed. Elanora was always amazed at how gracefully the huge dragon could land. She’d expected his flight to be swerving and terrifying, and his landing to be rough and hard, but they had both been smooth and wonderful.
“Good news,” Jay said walking up to her. “The trolls decided to go west, away from us.”     Elanora sighed with relief. “I’m so glad. But why would trolls attack us?”
“Because we’re in their territory. And because of the Key.” Jay said.
“The Key? You mean the Dragon’s Key?” Elanora asked, curious.
“Yes. You see, this world, Andrania, is your world-”
“- my world?”
“Yes. It was created by you, by your dreams. Your hopes. You see, whenever you see something, you remember it. As a child, you watched a film about a princess. That is how the line of Queen Helenara came about. For, you see, one year to you is 30 years to us.”
“But what about the key?”
“I’m getting there. Every person’s world is connected through portals. A person or creature can ‘jump’ worlds when they feel like it. Take me for example. I was ‘jumped’ into this world as a baby, and have remained here ever since. Now, as for the key, Long ago, when your world had just began, the guardians of all worlds met and decided to create a key for you, so that once you had it, you could come into this world and go back into your own world. They forged the key in the dragon Gereth’s fire, and that is why it is called the Dragon’s Key. But one of the council of guardians was a traitor, and he took the key and kept it as his own. Count Darx was his name. For the key not only allowed one to come and go between worlds, but also held great power, giving its owner all he wished and making him unstoppable.
“Darx took the key for his own, and marched against the Elves and Katarians with a vast army of trolls and lava beasts called Magmadons. But the Elves and Kat people fought back, forming the Last Alliance of Elves an Katarians, and drove Darx back into the wasteland of Emin Muil, where he resides to this day, gathering his powers and a vast army it is said, to conquer the world.
“Legend says someone will come and save us, and that they alone will be able to control the great power of the Key and destroy Darx.”
“Wow,” Elanora gasped. “That all happened because of one key?”
“Yes,” Jay replied, “All because of one key.”

Ta-Da! What do you think? Kinda like Lord of the Rings, I know..




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