Nomination Award

Grace  @Grace(theupstairsgirl)   nominated me for this award.



1.Thank the blogger that nominated you.

2.Write 11 random facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you.

4. Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated.

5.Come up with 11 questions for the bloggers you’re nominating.

Grace’s Questions!

When did you start blogging and why? I started blogging in…(let me check)November 2015. I got into it because my friend Britt(RanchLife) got a blog. I thought it was cool and I’ve always loved writing and taking photos so I decided to make my own!

What was the first blog you ever saw?The first blog I ever saw was my friends blog, . There’s a link above if you want to check it out.

Where do you get blogging inspiration from? Umm……lots of things. Other blogs, books, for writing, I get it from books, movies, the like.

What bloggers do you want to meet IRL? Um.. I would love to meet… 2015horse, Grace, and Megan. I really like their blogs and I think it would be awesome to meet them. (I have already met you guys should all check her awesome blog out.

What’s your favorite thing ever? HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND BOOKS AND BLOGS!!!!!!

What’s something important to you? Umm….God, my family, my horses, ……….

What’s one of your goals or something you wish to accomplish? I want to compete professionally in barrel racing, plus, I’d also like to become a published writer/artist.


What’s your favorite food? Steak! I live in montana, so my main diet is meat, potatoes, garden veggies and squash….. country food. Yum!

Candy or chocolate?Chocolate…but I do love gummies!

Fairies or mermaids?Hard choice. Mermaids I think. Though I would love flying…

Do you have a pet unicorn? (Hint: the answer is somewhere along the lines of YES! xD) I wish! That would be awesome! But I do have a white horse…..(technically cremello, but whatever)

Now for 11 random facts about myself!

1. I love french fries dipped in blizzards.

2. I ❤ barrel racing!

3. I’m a homeschooler and I love geology.

4. Someday I want to go to New Zealand as a photographer.

5. I want to get a pilot’s license and fly jets. (SMALL ones. Huge planes freak me out. )

6. I am currently writing a novel about a girl who lives in NY and spends the summer in MT with her father on a ranch. She then becomes a barrel racer and moves to MT. (Bland description.) I might make it into a series.

7. I love making up my own version of movies. I take the same characters and twist the plot a bit. I also do it with books. (You know what I mean, the story doesn’t end the way you want it, I make up a new ending!)

8. I love to eat and read/write at the same time.

9. Someday I would like to open a horse camp. (Everyone screams AWESOME! )

Thats all I could think of for now.


That was fun! Anyways..for the nominees. I nominate anyone who loves cheetos!


And for the questions I shall just steal Grace’s (so original,  right?). They’re up above. (I’m being soooooo lazy today.)





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