Winter entertainment

Lately I’ve been helping my dad put in a shower at a trailer house that got flooded. I don’t have pictures or I’d show you.

Anyways, nothing else has happened. I thought I’d share some winter activities to do once the snow sets in.

1. Re-read your favorite books. The classics. Explore new series and books.

2. Write and revise.Editing is a pain for almost everyone.  I find that doing it when its cold and grey and there’s nothing else to do helps me alot.

3. Knitting and sewing. You could make Christmas presents.  Dish towels, hand puppets, hats, and small bags and purses are very simple to make, and there are hundreds of patterns to choose from.

4. Bake! I love to make cakes and cookies in the winter.

What do you do in the winter? Tell me in the comments!



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