This is my entry for Grace’s TIWC challenge 4.  I’m going to continue it for the remaining challenges(if there are any). If there isn’t any more, I’ll just continue it as a series. I might even turn it into a book!

Grace, I used all the prompts and I put them in bold for you. Enjoy!

                The Dragon’s Key, part 1

Elanora ran to the front door of her house, shivering with cold. It had rained all day long today while she had been in school. The rain had made no exception for the unlucky teens who had to walk home

She gripped the door handle with one icy hand and froze. Not from cold though. Elanora stared dumbly at the door with astonishment  in her brown eyes. The keyhole was glowing!


She dared not move in fear, but finally,  her curiosity got the best of her. She cautiously turned the worn door handle.   Immediately, the door flung itself open, almost inviting her inwards.

But Elanor couldn’t move. For the second time in 30 seconds, all she could do was stand in awe, staring.

Inside the house was not the ancient wooden staircase and the scarred tan sofa, but a bright and beautiful green valley, surrounded by huge elm trees that must have been hundreds of years old and carpeted with thousands of flowers of every color, shape and size. At the bottom of the valley flowed a wide and gentle river brimming with salmon and crayfish. On the far side of small vale, behind the towered trees, were huge craggy peaks covered in snow,  jutting up into the sky like horns from some giant dragon.

Elanora heard a slam behind her and whirled around only to find a shut and locked door. It was a very strange door to, consisting of only a door and frame. There were no walls to speak of whatsoever.  Nevertheless,  she pounded at it sobbing furiously, trying to open it.

“Dear child, do not cry so. It will not help us or you,” a gentle voice chided.

Elanora turned around and sank to the crying never mind what the voice said. She couldn’t help it.  She was tired,  she was wet, cold, and sort of hungry. Bullies, like the rain, had not spared her her lunch today.

“Come child, do cease this nonsense.  If you are tired you will rest. If you are hungry, you will eat. If you are wet or cold, you will be warm and dry. Now come,” the voice said a little sharper this time.

Hesitantly, Elanora looked up. In front of her stood a middle aged man dressed in a strange green tunic with a grey hood and cloak. On his belt was a green scabbard holding a short sword.

“Who-who are you?” she asked, unsure of whether to be afraid or not.

“I am Elgar, of her Majesty’s guard. Now come.” He extended a hand and helped her up. “We must present you to her Majesty at once. All strangers must be.”

“Oh,” was all she could get out. The sudden journey into this place, wherever it was, had seemingly drained all her words from her. Meekly she stood and followed Elgar, who was walking toward the river. I must find a way to get home. I must, she thought.  Finally she managed to sum up enough courage to ask where they were.

“Why, in your home of course. 421 Applewood street to be exact. But we like to call it Andrania.” he answered so matter-o-factly that it seemed that she should already know this.

“But this isn’t my home. My home is just a house!”She stated firmly.

“No. A home is where you’re family is. That is a home”and he strode on.

Elanora stood still a moment, confused. Her home was a house. Not here! But finally she decided that the only way to find out how to open the door and get back home was to follow this man and talk to ‘her Majesty’. Maybe she would know how.

Elgar walked down to the river bank and into a large willow patch. He pulled back a curtain of vines to reveal a beautiful young girl not much older than Elanora herself seated on a golden and wood throne. She was dressed in the finest of snowy white furs that complemented her red-and-tan dress very well. To the right of her stood five ladies in waiting and a fan-bearer. But to the left stood a mighty beast, a dragon. Its purple and gold scales reflected sunlight in every direction and on its noble head were two long purple horns with golden bands like bracelets wrapped around them. All Elanora could do was stare in awe of this girl with her dress and her dragon.


Her Majesty beckoned Elgar forward with a careless wave of one of her bejeweled hands. He knelt to whisper in her ear. All Elanora caught was:“Never had I seen someone look so lost in their own home before. It is like she’s never been here.”


Elanora stepped forward. “Please, I just want to go home. Could you show me how?” she pleaded.

The girl looked up. “You are home. What are you talking about?”

“No, I mean my house. My real home. Not here. Out there.” She pointed up the hill at the mysterious door.


“You want to go back there? Why? Our home is so much nicer,” the girl said.

“I want to. Please, tell me how to,” Elanora begged. “Do I need something? Do I have to do something? I’ll do anything! How can I get back?!”

“Well, with a key of course!” her Majesty answered.

 How could she have not noticed that? Of course it was a key! The keyhole had glowed for heaven’s sake and she thought it she had to go on a quest or something!

“Okay. Where’s the key?” she asked slowly. She didn’t want to make her Majesty angry so she wouldn’t give it to her.

“Well, I’m afraid I don’t have it. As far as we know it’s in  Zagdarez. The very heart of the evil Darx’s kingdom.He stole it many years ago in my father’s time and has kept it ever since. There is no way you’ll get it back.” When she mentioned her father, tears came to her eyes briefly.

Elanora’s heart sank. How would she ever get home now?

P.S: Adrania is pronounced An-drane-ee-ugh




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