Here is my entry for TIWC #3 challenge. If you want to see my first entry click here.

The prompts:



  “There used to be six of us…… now I’m alone.” Gabe sighed. He missed his friends. They had fulfilled their dreams and left him to walk this road alone. When will I fulfill my dreams? For 2 years he’d walked this road with many others. But now they were gone.

He adjusted his knapsack and trudged on down the road, following the yellow arrows that marked the path to the place dreams came true. Good dreams, bad dreams too. The road was wrought with trials and hazards that seemed, out of this world. Only yesterday Gabe had had to face an angry griffin.

He remembered the griffin’s high scream when he had sighted Gabe. The beast had wheeled around in the air like a yo-yo, swooping and diving madly, trying to herd Gabe against a rock wall so he could trap him. The griffin’s yellowed beak and huge claws would have made short work of Gabe then if he had not scared the beast off with a flaming torch.

Gabe ran a hand through his brown, curly mop of hair. When would this road end? As a small child, Gabe had always had big dreams. He had always wished he could fly, soaring above the clouds on some majestic beast, perhaps a pegasus or maybe even a dragon.

A screech pierced through Gabe’s daydream. He looked up expectantly, searching with his keen brown eyes for the swerving form of a griffin. There! High above the canopy of the forest, he saw the beast’s huge wings.

Carefully, trying not to make a sound, Gabe backed silently behind a rock. He pulled off his pack, hunting furiously for flint and steel. Where, where, where! Thump! He froze, and turned his head around slowly to stare right into the piercing eyes of the griffin.

The beast didn’t move, just watched him closely, a low growl in its throat. Gabe couldn’t move. His limbs seemed frozen with fear. Even if he could have moved, he would never have been able to get away.

“Please, please don’t eat me,” he begged, even though he knew it was useless to talk to a griffin. It’s not like it can understand me, he thought bitterly. The griffin leaned forward. This is the end, Gabe thought. This beast is going to make mincemeat out of me. He closed his eyes and waited. And waited. But nothing happened. Finally, Gabe opened one eye and looked up at the beast.

It was staring at him quite intelligently, seeming undecided as what to do with him. Suddenly Gabe noticed something of that looked to be a piece of a net with heavy weights attached to it wrapped around the griffin’s wing.  He slowly reached his hand out to the griffin and touched the net.

“So that’s why you can’t fly very well,” he realized sadly. Then, he cautiously pulled out his pocket knife and gently cut the ropes, watching the griffin out of the corner of his eye carefully. What are you doing, screamed his brain. This beast is going to swallow you up in one gulp if you’re not careful! Yet he ignored the protests and went on with his work. Finally the ropes slid off. The beast spread his wings and moved them back and forth a few times.

Then, in an instant, he grabbed Gabe in his claws and threw him up onto his back. He’s taking you to his layer to eat you, Gabe thought. He clung desperately to the griffin’s back. It spread its huge wings and shot into the air.  Gabe wrapped his arms around the griffin’s neck in a death grip. His face was white with fear.

The griffin flew for what seemed hours. his flight was smooth and gentle, and slowly Gabe began to relax. He loosened his grip around the griffins neck and sat up. The griffin looked up at him. Gabe could almost swear that the beast was smiling.

Finally, the beast swooped around and landed softly on the ground. Gabe leaped off before the beast could take off again. He backed away slowly from the griffin. But the beast followed him. He nudged Gabe’s arm gently and made sort off purring sound in his throat.

“You, you don’t want to eat me?” Gabe asked, perplexed at the beast’s strange behavior. “You just want a friend?”

The griffin nodded. Suddenly, Gabe saw where they were. On the road to dreams. But the road stopped  suddenly, ending at a sign that said:

You have fulfilled your dreams. Go on and find your friends.

Gabe looked beyond the sign and saw a large town full of people. He looked back at the griffin. It purred softly.

“I always did want to fly,” he said. ” Can I call you just Griffin?”

Griffin nodded.


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