Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge and horse training

So, I haven’t posted in a while……school caught up with me I’m afraid. Lately I’ve been training my pony Donovan to carry his head correctly for western horsemanship,western pleasure, etc. He used to be really stiff in the mouth and would run through my cues. So I took a 10 ft (estimate) piece of para-cord and made a sort of tie-down thingy.  It works really well and he is actually responding to cues now! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have know idea how stubborn that pony can be.


You can kind of see the para-cord coming down from the bridle to in between his legs. Its attached to the cinch. I also trained him to drop his head when I pull down and say “drop”. So far so good.

I’m planning to enter him in the state 4-h show next year. He is pretty good at showmanship(aka halter) class and we are working on neck reining so I can do western horsemanship.

Him trying to ‘set up’. I’m afraid he’s being rather sloppy. He usually does it quite well. 🙂 P.S.  The reason he looks like he’s built slightly downhill is just because of the ground angle.

I finally took  a photo for Britt’s(Ranch Life) august challenge here is the before and after.








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