Fair entry/Stuff….

Sorry I haven’t been posting, our internet was down for about 4 days. I was going to go to the library and post, but…….I got to busy. But, I did get a great book series!!!:) Yay! If you guys are ever looking for a couple GREAT books, check out Frank E. Peretti’s   AWESOME books which you can see here. Anyways……not much has happened anyways. Today we went to the fair to see my friends Britt and Tierra. I also entered my pastel horse drawing in the fair.

This is the one I entered. My dad made a really nice frame though. I might post a pic of it later.

As you probably recall, I did a post on which pics I was going to enter in the fair. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to this year. But I will next year. And guess what??? I might get an Adobe Creative Cloud program!!! So cool!!!!

sarah-by the way, do you like my new signature?


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