Fair pics

So its really, really close to fair and I am so excited. Even though I skipped 4-H this year, there is a wide variety of open class exhibits that I plan to enter in. Right now I’m still deciding on what pictures for what category I will enter. So…….long story short, I decided to ask you guys for a bit of help. Which one do you think I should enter?

Animals, Color



I think I’ll crop this one a bit. It has to much open space.


I’m not sure about this one. The horse in the background makes it a lesser-quality photo. But other than that it has a great background and it’s really clear.

Landscape, Color


montana sky
Old Faithful
This one is beautiful, but its so dark.

Close up, Color


Enter a caption

Close up, Black and white/Sepia

IMG_0717 - Copy

Enter a caption

Miscellaneous, Black and White

Enter a caption
Miscellaneous, color

Please tell me what you think.



3 thoughts on “Fair pics

  1. For Animals, I think like the second one. 🙂 Its very clear!
    Landscapes, I like the second one captioned “Montana Sky”
    For Close-Ups, the Pickup model is cool!
    Hmm… I like the horse eye for black and white/sepia.
    Miscellaneous: The last one!

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