Summer horse fun :)

Hello everybody! Today I’m going to give my fellow riders a few tips on increasing their weekend perimeter of horse activities. As most of you already know, I LOVE riding my horses. But I love speed events even more. According to me, which not everyone will agree with of course since we all have our own perspective on fun, barrel racing is the funnest thing you can do on a horse. It’s fast, wild, and dangerous. But it’s also amazing. So…anyways, enough with that. here are some ideas on summer fun.

  1. Play with your horse. Teach him tricks like bow,sit, hug, and kiss. Have fun together out of the saddle. It’s also great  stuff to expand your horse’s confidence.
  2. Go trail riding. You don’t have to even go up in the mountains to do this. Ride along a quite dirt road without much traffic. Besides being relaxing, its a great way to get your horse used to strange things, like moving vehicles, cows, dogs, other horses, deer, and bridges.
  3. Go swimming! Take your horse to a river or lake with no boat traffic and ride him right into the water! Do this in July or August though to ward off the spring snow melt.
  4. Compete at local rodeos and jackpots. As I said before, what’s more fun than barrel racing or pole bending? You might even try your hand at team roping or breakaway roping. And who knows. You might just bring home a little cash while your at it.

That’s  all I can think of for now. If you have any ideas leave them in the comments section and I’ll put together a post.


-Sarah ❤


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