June’s Greatest Memories

This is my entry for Ranch Life’s  monthly  challenge.

My greatest memories from June are definitely of MT Cross Rodeo Bible Camp. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a three day long horse camp, Friday-Saturday. You arrive Friday, attend a clinic where someone shows you how to do all the events, like barrel racing, pole bending, etc.  Saturday and Sunday you have a free ride followed by a rodeo at 1:30 sharp. You sleep in a huge barn. Me and Britt go there together every year.

When I got there Friday, I signed in and saw some old friends. One of them grew so much I didn’t recognize her till she said hello! It was funny because I’d known her for 3 yrs. but still didn’t recognize her!

Me at RBC with a super poofy shirt

The second day I got up at 5:00 AM and sat in the kitchen with some friends of mine, the Price brothers, Brennan and Dyllon, Anthony Ervin?? , and Britt when she got up. Waking up early is one of the best parts of camp because you get coffee. And boy do I love my morning coffee. 🙂 We had a very interesting conversation about snowboarding wrecks. (I’m glad I ski!)

At 1:30 sharp was the grand entry with the American and Christian flags. Then the National Anthem and a prayer, and the rodeo was on! Me and Athena ran a 22. something on the barrels. Poles were good, the flag race scratched, steer daubing was pretty good. ( I had to use Britt’s horse Dunny, since , mine’s terrified of cows.) Ribbon race was also a scratch unfortunately.

Britt on Dunny in Steer Daubing
Me in Pole Bending 1
Me in Pole Bending 2
Coming Home!

If you’re wondering what the color is on our horses it’s calf marker. Everyone paints their horses for the rodeos.

Sunday, I got up late because my friend Alana who sleeps beside me rolled on me. But at about 6:30 the Price boys got bored and decided to cook breakfast. Fortunately for our stomachs the counselors said  not to. LOL. So at about 7:00, Brennan and Dyllon snuck into the boys quarters and tried to duck tape their counselor, Karl, who is not a morning person, to his cot. He woke up, but went back to sleep. So they stole his boots, duck taped them together and hung them from the rafters with a lariat. 🙂 HaHa. It was hilarious.

The rodeo was awesome, I ran a 24. something on the barrels. Unfortunately, the arena crew decided to bring the steers down the instant I was doing poles. So….I got a scratch. Flags was the same. I didn’t get a chance to practice them very often so Athena didn’t know what to do. The rest of the events were good except ribbon race, because one of the kids was acting as a rodeo clown and use the ribbon for suspenders and promptly lost it. It was still the funnest weekend I ever had.

Bumper (Kyle) the rodeo clown




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