Barrel Racing Update🏇

So hello everyone,  I’ve been meaning to post lately but I’ve been super busy. 😯 Whew. My younger brother and sister did Mt Cross Rodeo Bible Camp and I had to train them both to ride in about a month. Crazy. But they both did great and I’ll post some pics soon. Right now I’m getting ready for the teen Rodeo Bible Camp(RBC). My new mare Athena is just learning the barrels but she’s very promising. My slowest time that I took about a month ago was 27sec flat. I wasn’t even loping most of the way and she’s come a long way from that. I’m hoping to get under a 20sec run in the least. She’s sort of a strange choice for a barrel racer, because she’s a Missouri Foxtrotter. Most barrel racers are Quarter Horses. Anyways, I wanted to share these tips with any other fellow barrel racers.  Enjoy!

Free barrel racing tips


Simah on Athena at RBCIMG_0770


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