How to draw a horse 1

So, here I am going to show you how to draw a horse from a photograph. This is how I draw a lot to help me get everything right. So people might consider this cheating, but actually, it helps you to learn what a proper horse looks like. When you know what a horse looks like, you can then draw without a photo. So, this is how I do it.

  1. Select a photo. I often use photos from books or even the internet. You could also use one of your own. I don’t like to copy peoples photos exactly, so I often change it a little bit. This is the photo I will use.



2. This will be a pencil drawing. I will do a pastel or acrylic later on, but right now we’ll focus on the basics. You’ll need a good 4B pencil for shading and a 2B pencil for sketching. A good eraser is mandatory, along with drawing paper, and piece of scrap paper for protecting your drawing. PICT0054.JPG

3. We’ll begin by roughly sketching the outline and highlights. Remember, this part doesn’t have to be perfectly detailed, the basic shape just has to be right. I took all these photos in B&W because the pencil shows up better then.


4. Next, shade the biggest areas first. Remember: this is a black horse, so the highlights will be on the outlines. Leave out the head.


To be continued (as soon as I get camera batteries!)soon………



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