Braving the Shadows

Dust flew. I sat tight in the saddle, driving my horse forward to stop his bucking. Donovan had spooked. Again.

My horse used to be a world-class spooky Sue. Anything would scare him. Sometimes I even think he did it just for fun, when he was bored. But  when I was in the saddle, it was no joke. One winter I became so afraid of his spooks that I didn’t  want to ride him outside of a round pen. So I got help from a local trainer, who showed me how to desensitize my horse. Tarps, blankets, ropes, plastic bags, etc. Finally it came to the time I had to ride him. I admit, I was scared. Last time I had been on him, he’d bolted and galloped around with me clinging to the saddle horn. But, I had to try. So I eased into the saddle and tried to be relaxed.  We started off walking. He didn’t spook once. It was amazing! I actually felt comfortable in the saddle! Over the weeks, we got faster and faster. Finally, I was barrel racing and riding down dirt roads on my now wonderful pony. (Yes, he’s a pony. Welsh/Peruvian Paso).  He is highly  intelligent though, so don’t tell him he’s anything but King of the Universe. He is hilarious.

Lesson Learned: Never, Ever, Give up. If you don’t, you’ll find a way. Always.








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