One of the Characteristics I admire in Paul

One of the things I like about Paul is that he never gave up. He never said, ” God , I’m done with these people. They beat me, and stone me and flog me. If they don’t want to listen, then let them die.” Paul always tried to help people come to Christ, even when they tried to kill him for it. He even helped the Jews, the very ones who wanted him dead the most, the very ones who killed Jesus on a cross. Paul had some amazing perseverance. He preached all over the world. Isn’t it amazing, that God can turn one of his greatest enemys into his greatest missionary? Before Paul was Paul, he was Saul, a killer ofĀ  Christians. Saul pursued Christians unmercifully, throwing them in jail and killing the ones he caught. But then, on the road to Damascus, Jesus himself appeared to Saul. He asked him why he persecuted him, and blinded Saul. He then sent him to one of the Christians he persecuted and the man healed him of his blindness. So Saul became Paul, the worlds greatest missionary.



Ā God loves you!


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