A-Z Questionnaire–Firemaster

Hello folks! I got inspiration from several writers to do an A-Z questionnaire on my WIP, Firemaster, in the Westrim Trilogy. So, here is the first edition!

Firemaster, Letter A:


A-Z Questionnaire--Firemaster(1)

 Aryanna is the daughter of a blacksmith(Benild) in the city of Tios, only about twenty miles from Wren, which is where most of the city-based action occurs in Firemaster, but Tios is just as, if not more, impressive than Wren. Where Wren is poor, crumbling, and firmly fixed in it’s beliefs of social status, Tios is a bit more free, bright, and better financially supplied.

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She grew up quite well, not rich, but financially blessed, as her father was a highly respected and liked man in the city, and he was

Anyways, back to Aryanna. Aryanna became a scout for Tios’s guard two years before our story takes place, when she had just turned fifteen. (This might seem odd, but in Tios, children’s maturity and “coming of age” is not determined by age, but skill and responsibility. )

She was assigned to a “Wing” of female soldiers. A Wing is twenty griffon-riding soldiers, somewhat like a flying patrol. Aryanna is a good archer and excellent swordsman–er, woman, but her main skill is strategy. Aryanna looks at plans from every point of view, allows no mistakes, and is very intent on following rules. She will, however, break the rules to save a life, but that’s about it.

When our story starts, Aryanna is currently on a mission to capture the invading captain of Nagaria, Shadow, son of Marcom. Shadow is the chosen heir of the Emperor, as he has no son(or so it seems..).

Things you need to know about Aryanna Vidrai, daughter of Benild Vidrai:

  • Never challenge her to a duel of wits–unless you’re Ky, of course. Then you might possibly get away by a few sarcastic comments.
  • Don’t let her near the food…ever.
  • Do let her plan your invasions and sneak-attacks. One of Aryanna’s plans never fails.
  • Don’t compare her to Vyrn, if you want to keep your tongue. If you don’t, well, go ahead.
  • And whatever you do, never, ever, ever hurt her friends or family. Ever.
  • Do bring her chocolate when she’s down. She loves it.
  • Don’t ask her to ride a horse. She won’t, but will instead propose a race between griffon and horse. On-going rivalry….



So, what did you think of Aryanna Vidrai? Like her? Dislike her? Anything I should change?

Tell Me!


Love: The True Definition

Hello there, world! I have sort-of returned. Well, not really. Basically, I got enough internet without our router to write y’all one killer of a post. #listenup

So, yes, I’m back. *evil laughter* Did you miss me? You better of….

Moving on. Back to the point of this epic posting journey, today I come to do nothing other than share my thoughts with you on nothing other than….love.


“Love: an intense feeling of deep affection, a person or thing that one loves.”

Now, that’s the dictionary’s definition for love. But what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of love? Physical attraction? Well-being? Friendliness? Happiness? Even money?

If it’s any of these, you’ve got the wring idea. The English word “love” has almost lost it’s meaning, mostly due to these base desires. Financial wealth. Luxury. But these are not the true meanings of love. Love isn’t even happiness.

So what exactly is love?

I’ll tell you. Love is something deeper. Stronger. Something that is so godly, that we can’t even come to comprehend. Yes, love is good. Yes, love is kind. But it’s more than that, it’s everything that you could ever imagine coming from God.

Joy. Peace. Gentleness. Self-control. Love is all of these, and more.

When you love someone, don’t you wish them well, not evil? That’s showing love. Don’t you try to get along with them? That’s a form of love. Don’t you try and help them when somethings wrong? That’s love. Don’t you try and keep them safe? That’s love.

And doesn’t God do all of these things for you?

God is love.Without him, there is no love. It simply wouldn’t exist.

Love: God.

Think about it.


Just another rambling from an introverted teen.